Friday, May 21, 2010

And her 5th year begins!!♥

Jasmine is 5!! Finally her special 5th b-day has arrived
  I cant even begin to tell you how much and long she
has been waiting to just be 5. I don't know why but
to her it means something special.
She got it into her head awhile ago that being 5yrs old
will be great,amazing even. 
She's the funniest little girl. A little princess who loves her 
to dress up. A tad bit clumsy on 
account of being a very adventurous little girl. Just look 
at her knees and elbows. And you can easily see she's no 
ordinary princess..:)
 Yep that's Jasmine on her scooter doing circles around
a chair in HEELS!! 
She planned her whole party. Which included all
of her favorite things. A dance party,
a game of musical chairs, two cakes for everyone plus ice cream.And
a bonfire later to have S'mores.
 Musical chairs fun:)
 The whole gang. They even came early to decorate with me! 
I love them all

There was even a pinata!! Big surprise:)
It's always a blast to see them all try to break it open.

Well sad to say the bonfire did not rained..there was tears..
She got over it(thanks to auntie Britt!!)Love you!!

The party was a hit! Jasmine got a new bike which she really
needed (since i ran over the other one..ooppss) and she loved the new
one. Thanks to abuela&papa Jose!!

Little story..Jasmine and the boys a few weeks ago 
found a baby bird who had fallen from its nest.
Jasmine and Jonah were of course almost in tears at the fact that 
we would not and could not take it home with us. See its
mommy was above us waiting for its little one to fly. Eli and i could see this but there
was no calming Jasmine down about how we are not leaving the bird to die.
It was going to be ok. Trying to get her to understand was hard.

So on our walk back home from seeing this whole ordeal. She says in tears" mama please
can i have a little baby bird for my birthday. A real one". 
I honestly did not know how and if we could find a little 
baby bird. But like the awesome woman that Grammi is she found
two beautiful baby birds two little
parakeets white&blue. How exciting we couldn't wait for her to see them!!

She named them Violet&Sara. Lets just say she is in love 
with them.
Thanks You grammi monica&papa tim!!
Our little girl is 5 this morning. I cant believe it. So thankful
for her. She is healthy,loved and we are blessed to have

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  1. What an awesome Birthday party! I just LOVE this :) She is adorable!!!