Wednesday, May 19, 2010

their hearts ♥

My children had an amazing day yesterday!
our field trip with GLC to Mall of America for rides and fun times.
Was it stressful at times for the adults....yes 
Was it muggy and hot in there..oh yeah
But was it worth it..absolutely! 

You would have thought i took them to Disney World by
the way they were talking about it all the way home. And begging to know 
when we would return to this amazing place:)

And isn't that the way of children.Their desire expressed so freely.
Never second guessing their requests. They earnestly want
to share every moment with mom&dad. Their every 
victory,joy,sadness,disappointment they want to share it all
with you!
And aren't we lucky,blessed... if your a parent have this 
Not only that but as i was thinking about this i wondered 
Isn't this what god wants with us 

Oh yes he does!! And it fills my heart with so much joy. He 
wants all this with me too. Our heavenly father wants
                                                   this kind of relationship with us. 

And best of all his love is unconditional!! 
As parents,spouses,friends,siblings our love can at times
be conditional.We make mistakes.We hurt each other.
But with him it does not exist. His love for me will
never change it never has..
i am still learning to receive this message into my heart
 And today the message is heard loud and clear!!
with much love,this girls journey

                                        my three kids, plus nicole our other little princess

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