Saturday, June 19, 2010

We r Back!!!

at least for a few days..
and then we are off to the East(:
Vacationing in Grand Rapids, MN was 
and it rained just about everyday we were there but that still 
did not ruin our time
I got to kayak as much as my heart desired (in the rain)
We met some wonderful new friends 
We met some more HOARD family:) Great people (Joel we love you!! future brother-in-law)
                                        We all stayed up way late, later than i have in years

But it was all worth it! I never laughed so hard ..

I love the BLUHMS!! I love seeing what god is doing in each and everyone of them
I love being apart of their lives and them apart of mine

Our family is growing and its exciting 

change is happening 

it is good 

definitely Hoarding up the love!! (that was for Keith:)

 jonah & jaz

 Elijah( a very serious fisherman!

me :)

James (Thee Fisherman:)


With mucho amor, this girls journey!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lions & Tigers & Bears oh my!!!

The Lion without courage (fear rules his life)
The Tin Man without his heart (needs healing to be restored a New HEART)
Scarecrow without a brain (lacks wisdom or knowledge, no direction in life)
Dorothy has lost her home..her place in the world..(the battle to come home to return will
be great, can she make it through)

  Yep I have loved this story since i was a little girl only 
now when i watch it its taken on a whole new meaning for me..
the eyes of my heart have been open..
God does this to you and everything you see,hear, it all take's
on a heavenly out of this world meaning..

My devotion time this afternoon took me here 
too this story of a girl who lost her way..
met three strange and just as lost desperate creatures..
 who have to make it through find their way,
avoid the evil witch who seeks to destroy them all..

and in the end they have victory but still need OZ to be restored 
and when they get there they realized that through this journey they had been..Restored.Healed.
Given Wisdom.Delivered Home

We have all in some way been there or can relate to these loved characters 
We are all either lost, lost heart, lack in courage,or need wisdom and direction...

The story..our story is made up of some of these things and more..

The Battle can be hard but we are not alone(see how Dorothy has them to journey with her, fight with her
we need this too!!!!.Others to pray with us to come along with us on this journey.) 

 It took me a long time to see this and let god have hold of me in that area...

The" i don't need anyone attitude, no one can possible help or understand where i am coming from...
Guess what that is just were the enemy wants you!!
So watch out when you start to feel this a good friend or friends to pray and be along side you
through hard times.
We need other people!
And yes i am saying this to myself..constantly..because i have an agreement 
there that i made years and years ago. It says "i am never going to depend or need anyone. Do not trust"
shame shame shame...afraid to be vulnerable..fear fear fear..Letting my heart be healed..
finally happening:)

Redemption is happening
Brokenness healed

 And it can happen for everyone and you are not alone..

Heads up on some books i have been reading that have been very encouraging for me and James(my hubby)

You might already heard of them or even better 
reading them!!  One is John & Stasi Eldredge's  book called, Love&War.
Amazing, Awesome, life changing kind of read...a real must i think for every marriage. And even 
if your single and want to some day be married. Please read this it will be eye opening and encouraging too!
The other is by the same authors and its called ,
Walking with God. 
This book i started last year in the summer and it helped me a lot in my relationship to God. How 
i saw him and it has taught me so much more about prayer&warfare. Also such a great and encouraging book! 
Hope you all had a great Memorial day!! I did:) Here are some pics of our lovely weekend

Our day at the beach:) Little Jaz

James (hubby) Love him!!

Me, love the lake:)))))

 Love this kids! They had a blast at the pond at Tim&Monica's

with much love, this girls journey!!!!!