Saturday, June 19, 2010

We r Back!!!

at least for a few days..
and then we are off to the East(:
Vacationing in Grand Rapids, MN was 
and it rained just about everyday we were there but that still 
did not ruin our time
I got to kayak as much as my heart desired (in the rain)
We met some wonderful new friends 
We met some more HOARD family:) Great people (Joel we love you!! future brother-in-law)
                                        We all stayed up way late, later than i have in years

But it was all worth it! I never laughed so hard ..

I love the BLUHMS!! I love seeing what god is doing in each and everyone of them
I love being apart of their lives and them apart of mine

Our family is growing and its exciting 

change is happening 

it is good 

definitely Hoarding up the love!! (that was for Keith:)

 jonah & jaz

 Elijah( a very serious fisherman!

me :)

James (Thee Fisherman:)


With mucho amor, this girls journey!!

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