Monday, July 19, 2010


Wow the summer just keeps flying by..

Here's what i've been up too lately:

* I have been working on my New Web page(almost done:)

*Making business cards

*Spending lots of time with the kids by the water

the boys rope swinging at Grams&Papa Tims
Our cousin cake..(:Kate:) came to visit us

*Had some great date nights with my hubby! So far 
movies we've seen this summer:
-Robin Hood- Awesome!
-Prince of Persia -Great Movie!
-A-team- Funny!
  -Inception- wait to watch this one at home! 
U have 2 c this one twice!!
 **This week Karate Kid with the kids:)

*Oh so my Beautiful sister-n-law Brook is getting married this fall! 
We are all excited and we have been busy with that too:

Happy Bride working on invites:)

The wedding crew! Up late and having some great laughs with the girls(ahh memories:)

And here is our Wonderful Dixie, I love her:) She worked so hard on getting everything to run smoothly with the invites. That printer kept giving her problems..but was no match for her prayers:))

**Also My Daddy had his 71st birthday this month 
(if anyone can even believe that!!
Thank you god!! with all that dad has been through with his health 
he not only got to see me get married but he has 
been around to see his three grand kids be born!!
The handsome guy in the middle is my dad (Jose)!

*And one last thing i got to do the makeup for an engagement 
photo session last night So Much FUNN!!
The photographer is my friend Beka and she's amazing!!
You can check out her photo's on her web page here or 
follow her on her cute blog too

Here's a Great Picture she took of the cutest couple:)

I hope you are all having a great summer

with much love, this girls journey!!