Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I think its a pretty sure thing we have to move.....again....:(
Trusting the lord even in this.....

can be hard ..

Now if you've read the blogs before this you know we 
finally found a house we could rent with option to buy...
well before we could have financing in order 
the house got an offer...and 
was accepted..yep pack up you have 30dys..
now there is much more to this story about the house and how it happened but its not necessary to go into all of that really
 SOoooooooo here is my dilemma 

.....i am sad and heart broken about it....
Although i know this wasn't exactly my dream house and it 
is just a house..i was excited at the possibilities with this 
house and i loved the joy our kids had about it...

I need gods help and your prayers to get through this..
 I can be bitter or I can be full of JoY
  I feel like losing heart or I can trust in his promises for me!!
See for me i see this is very important crossroad .. 
I can choose how am going to deal with this
..yes we all have a choice 
I choose you God ! Show me how to deal with all 
these emotions i am feeling about losing this opportunity
His way is not my way (i can tell you that for sure!!) 
But he is a loving and jealous god and he cares for my husband
and children even more than i do!
So who knows where we will live, what he just saved us from or
what other blessings are in store...
I do not have all the answers all i know is i do not want to 
miss out on enjoying the blessings he has already given to me

For me this is a great opportunity to show 
my children how to deal 
with this kind of disappointment
Please pray for James and I, we will 
be having a family meeting tonight with the kids to talk
about the house and moving...cause we need your prayers!

with much love, this girls journey

Thursday, September 9, 2010


unpacking, adjusting, and praying my way through
this new chapter of our lives....
I see boxes everywhere
in fact i think i had a dream about boxes...
i had no idea we had this much stuuuuffff!!
All i really want to do is pack it back up and get rid 
of it all...
In fact garage sale is coming soon FOR SURE!!
Gospel sing this weekend and wedding the next
so much to plan and prepare for.....tired already but excited!

Through all of it, god has been showing me how important
it is to stay close him....
even in the good times
the enemy wants a way in very badly..
I've been feeling the weight of it and so has my 
husband James..
it stinks but its reality we live in a world at war!
Our hearts and thoughts need gods covering daily..
So easy for me to get lost in all the daily things that 
i forget my time of worship and prayer.... it gets neglected 
My prayer this week
Lord help me to stay close to you,cover me,
make me, mold me into the woman you want me to be...

with much love, this girls journey:)