Monday, November 15, 2010

The Holidays & working out...

i LOVE Christmas and Thanksgiving!!!

YES i do i do;)
the food, music, the company,celebrating Jesus birth
all of it just puts me on cloud nine.

I've been working on some pretty things for Christmas and 
i am so excited to see the end result of it all..

So with me 
being a hermit working on gifts and on the computer lately
I've been slacking on working out...just a little:) 
I love to be active and get at least some exercise in my day 
i am a strong believer in WALKS! 
Yep so good for you and no equipment needed just 
bundle up and head out the door 
 A couple a miles get that Vitamin D i need and my heart is happy:)

Now I know what its like to have babies at home and 
no time for heading out the door to workout at all and that it can be tough. Videos are awesome in that season of life when the kids are babies still or your just plain to busy
 i have and still use my Denise Austin Pilates for beginners Dvd
on those days with so little time 
even doing a few of the moves on these videos 3-4 times
a week gives you great results!
This Dvd literally gave me my waist back no joke!
After having twins and my baby girl if your a mom you know exactly what i am talking about!!
So you can check it out on you tube or Hulu has some of her 
other pilates/yoga videos you can watch and do 
them for FREE :D

So why all this talk of working out hmmm well
i don't really know... it was just on my 
mind this morning on my walk.
We all need encouragement to take care of ourselves
mind,body and spirit..all of it needs our attention 
and caring for our bodies can be tough sometimes
but i know God wants us too :D
and with thanksgiving&Christmas around
the corner all that yummy food...i think i just needed reminding myself!!
So here i sit here listening to Bing singing White Christmas& Blogging,
 this time could only be more sweeter with snow:)

with much love, this girls journey

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