Monday, November 1, 2010

yep..moving on:D

Yes we have moved again!

and it went as smoothly as moving can go;D
We found a house in the country of all things Praise God!!
a few miles out of town from school and my husbands work but that 
is ok with us!
and we cant wait to get in...
The kids are even getting a puppy...or so says daddy..

In the meantime (now that i dont have to be packing boxes)
i am working on Christmas gifts and 
i am so excited to be making almost everything
this year! 
It feeds my creative hunger and i am loving it.

Other things i have been up too this past month..
-working online ebay..and some other fun stuff i've discoverd
-practicing my guitar..yep :D
-reading lots (i am a fast reader)
Books i am reading or finished:
*Beyond Jabez*Angelina Jolie Unauthorized Biography
*Sarah's Key*Scrappy Startups

-Making time for great  friends on Tuesdays..A  Must!

-Just finished Halloween and costume fun with the 
kids! Jonah was a Ninja, Elijah was a Mexican outlaw,and Jaz was Princess Jasmine of all things:D 
So sad i could not find my camera for pics:(

So much exciting things yet to come i can feel it...
and i also feel the cold coming..its here..
i am siting here typing with a hat on and gloves..
yes i am a wimp when it comes to winter
..its just not in my blood to be in the cold!!

But i have warm tea and bread and very soon i am going 
to whip out the Christmas music to keep me warm and happy!! is tomorrow to soon?

with much love, this girls journey

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