Monday, December 13, 2010

I miss yOu!!

Yes sad but true i miss you Blog!!

I truly cant wait till we have Internet at home

I promise to not neglect you then:D

Christmas list that's what i am working on today..

We are all moved in and siting by the fireplace
almost every night trying to stay warm!!

A storm hit us this weekend BIG one.
Don't you just loves those for like one day!!

I will post some pics later of our view of this storm from
our house

This weekend my BFF  Lisa and her hubby visited
us . We loved seeing them. I felt so bad we didn't
get to hang out as much because of this storm:(
But now its our turn to head up North to see them and i cant
wait..praying for good weather when that weekend comes..

So just in case you wanted to know here's my Christmas wish list:
(hints for hubby because i know he will read this later;)
1. Boots(Hunter... in red)
2. Any Cd by Norah Jones & Jack Johnson, all my old ones are
3. A curling iron & blow dryer (both stoped working last week not good for this girl with MAD curly hair)
4. New computer......Apple :)
5. Gift card to Hobby Lobby or Rustic Corner ABSOLUTELY Love these stores!!
6. boot slippers
7. new watercolor paints & canvas

 Yes so that's my wish list for the year:D

Now i have to go and work on our kids and families gifts......

Although we've all been given the best gift of all already
Thank you God for what you did for us and what you continue to do in our lives!!

Give the gift that doesn't cost you a thing

with much love, this girls journey