Tuesday, July 26, 2011

BeaUTIFULLY CHoosen and Loved

forget forgive , love and laugh

that was my devotional this morning out of a little
book I've come to love called "god calling" ..

it goes on to say
Do not let others actions dictate how you will
treat them..So true. Sometimes we feel forgotten and used...
But its not true!!God wants to use you!! he does, right where
you are. To bless and encourage others. Be a light. You
are precious to others and him.
Don't believe the lies..hold on to the truth
Sing his praises for whats coming in your life!!

Hey i am writing this all down a second time
here for my own benefit too (i journaled already) i do that a lot!
Its to remind myself that the enemy will yes try to steal
my joy even through others as much as my own doubts

Joy Joy Joy is his gift to you and me:)
You are beautifully chosen and loved!

A little side note..
 this weekend was full of beautiful things
including my baby shower for Violet.
It was so precious and i felt very blessed to have so many
wonderful women there to celebrate it with me!

Violets shower was wonderful!
her bible verse is Psalm 139:13
"For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother's womb."

With much love, this girls journey

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Dreams begin
they should have no end
the juice of life will not run out, if you feed it what it needs
don't give up..
don't look back..
forward is our march until our end.  -me

Praise praise on the brain:)
god has been teaching me to praise him in all things
The way to moving mountains in your lives(my Life) is praise!
When trouble comes the words flowing out of my mouth will be a
thankful praise.
This is a promise god made to me a awhile ago
and continues to remind me of it
In praising him and believing in his promises for me
and my family i have seen so many wonderful things
happen in our lives..
He says test me in this!!
His goodness and healing come from our belief in his
power to transform us..
And i want more of his blessing..
 i just want more of him!!!

A thankful heart is being molded

with much love, this girls journey

Monday, July 18, 2011


Exhausted-tired-hot-sleepy-swollen are just some of the
emotions I've been dealing with these last few days..
But I've also laughed-loved-cherished&cried over the weekend too..

See this weekend and still going for a couple of days is our Rogers family
We have buried the ashes of great grandparents that left a beautiful legacy...
We all piled into our cars Saturday night and went to Toeterville iowa about 8miles
away from St.ansger were if you can believe it ancestors of ours founded this little speck
of a town!
Here are some pics of the EVENT:)
We just arrived To Toetervillle
Uncle Joe breaking ground!
Our family stands around and begins singing Amazing Grace:)
And here they are Carl & Elizabeth
And below is wonderful britta holding their pictures

Uncle Joe is all done with the burial and we say our goodbyes

YES she took home the cremation certificate...

Goodbye Toeterville!!
The next day was a reunion with lots of family we have not met before it was
a great things to see.
All of these cousins connected we are part of a bigger picture and it keeps growing and growing:)
Here's our Bluhm family pic
 Baby Violet coming SOOOONNNN:)
 This last one was us waiting for James to finally jump in the picture!!
So i am off i am to tired too write anything more
its soooo hot out its crazyyyy!!!
But thank you god for it cause i know soon enough winter comes a creeping...
P.S. i have yet to pick up the paint but i think we decided green and pink curtains with a tree design '
and flowers on the wall.
for the living room i think Green too have yet to decide:)
Thanks for your input though
God bless and stay COOOLLLLL

with much love, this girls journey

Friday, July 15, 2011

Color ideas??

So my artistic wonderful friends
I am doing some painting this coming week and 
i want some color ideas
 We are doing our living room wall
and then our daughters room to start out with...
Here are some pics i found that has got me dreaming...

 All of these are so dreamy!

 OK you can tell i love me some GREEN!!
 My old living room colors  looked just like this!! i Miss it :)

If you read my previous blog from a couple of days ago you can see pics of our
living room to get an idea what colors we have in there already.
And for Jaz and Violet we were thinking pink and green??
So this weekend i am taking a trip to Menard's for paint!! I cant wait to have this 
I love color and right now i hurts my eyes to see so much beige and white on our walls!!
So any ideas you can send my way please do 
creative geniuses!!

..and how about this blue?? hmmmm

So i am off to town with my little princess to Rustic Corner
this awesome store that has many creative ideas 
and goodies..
Family reunion pics coming soon in the next few days
stay tuned!

with much love, this girls journey

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Violet Violet Violet ..ღ

VIOLETღ Is this precious baby girls name!

I think about her all the time...
In fact last night this little angel was playing and doing
flips all night long!
How could i forget about her;)
Yes this mama did not sleep much these last few nights
And i think it just might be this way for the rest of this pregnancy
Its was the same way for me in my 2other pregnancies
no sleep pretty much for the last 8wks till they arrived. Its like
they are aware of how soon they make their appearance and are jumping for joy!

..Do you keep journals? I do
and i have lots!!
I was reading through some of my old ones from 10yrs ago when
i was pregnant with the twins and it
made me laugh and cry...
How so many things change..
I couldn't stop thinking how young and naive i was...
Thank God he was there for me through it all!
And our family!!!
Monica,Tim,Aligna sr., and Papa Jose'
Grandparents what a amazing role you play in our lives!!!
You have watched,loved, prayed over our precious
babies since they came into this world.
It has made such a difference in the way we have
grown as parents and has blessed our marriage as well!
Thank you Thank you thank you!!
We love you guys so much and appreciate you all so much more
now as we've grown up too:)

And now so soon i get to introduce you all to
I cant wait..
Did you know how many different kinds of Violet flowers there
are?? LOTS here are some i found

What a amazing Creator we serve!
God is the ultimate artist and dreamer

Fun facts i found out about our baby girls name:

Violet has a variety of meanings: Love; Modesty; Virtue; Affection; Faithfulness ("I'll always be true") and a Good Luck symbol for women. Violets can be either violet or white. The violet is February's birth flower.

The color violet was named after the flower - first being recorded as a color name in English in 1370. The color violet has many symbolic meanings, such as: in Chinese painting, violet represents the harmony of the Universe because it is a combination of red (yang) and blue (yin); in Western churches violet is the liturgical color for both Advent and lent.
Violet was one of the earliest flower names to be used as a first name. Violette occurred as a personal name in the south of France in the Middle Ages. By the 16th C it was fairly common in Scotland, through French influence, and continued to be used there. In England Violet was used as early as 1700, becoming well established in the 19th century. By the 1830s Violet was in general use in both the U.S. and Britain. Violet was a top 100 name in the US from 1901-1926 and fashionable in Britain during the same time period.
The early run of the name was probably begun by Lord Lytton's highly successful novel "The Sea Captain" (1839) in which Violet is the heroine.

There seems to be so much to do before this baby girl
comes..but most importantly i want god to prepare my mind
and heart for this precious arrival.
Trying to enjoy these moments before she's here..
yes being present is key
 Phi 4:8
Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things.

praying you have a great day!

With much love, this girls journey

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Etsy Fun!

I have been working on some new things to sell on Etsy
and that has been FUN
I love creating and making pretty little things

You can check me out on Etsy under Jasmineandviolets 
I am making new rings
and pretty hair pieces here is one i have been working on
my daughter jasmine helps create most of the pieces to its
so much fun to work with her she inspires me:)
 This is my shop were i work and create things i love to do either
for ETSY or just for fun! Its a must for me
i need to spend some time everyday creating something..

 My extended corner of my shop YES its in my bedroom too which
i try my best to keep organized and clean.. thank goodness my hubby doesn't
ME at my shop ( iam 8months pregnant!!! its just funny to see this pic

RANDOM..here below is just some of my summer reads:)
iF you have any to add to mine PLEASE tell me i love
to read and i read fast:)

So here's my freebie that i mentioned..
this is what you do:
1.Follow me on my blog 
2. Send your friends to follow me too
3. have them leave a comment saying who sent them to follow
and whoever has the sent the most friends to follow will choose
2 FREEE  things from my Etsy shop!!

P.S. i will being doing something like this of facebook as well so

I cant wait to see who wins!!

With much love, this girls journey!

Let in RAIN;)

Everything i did today  was in slow motion
Seriously i tried getting things done and sure enough the kids were yelling for me
or i was just to tired and had to sit and rest before moving on to my task...
Because i had one of those list today of things i was going to go full speed
ahead and conquer..
the rain and cloudy skies did not help one bit!
My quiet time today kept screaming REST REST at me and i wasn't having any of it...
So guess what happened i yelled at the kids lost my temper was crankier then I've been in a long time
because i wanted my WAY!!
God had and wanted other plans for me truly he did:)
Lets just say a few hours ago i had to sneak in my room to cry,pray and even did my yoga to
finally feel like being around my children again...
And i am honest with my kids i tell them "mommy needs a time out to pray and clear her
head just give me 20min PLEASE:)
And they look at me with these expressions like "yeah we totally think you need it!!
My kids are not perfect but they are amazing and truly such a blessing, yes
they can bring out the best and worst in us at times
but i am so thankful for them!

So yeah i am resting,taking it easy trying not to get overwhelmed with
the list i have hidden in my journal
and now i have moved on with my day....
Here are some of those things that I've missed sharing these past months
I'll try to share in order..here goes:
 Elijah and Jaz all ready for Zach Foxs Birthday party!
 James with the boys in grand rapids our family vacation
(the kids starting their amazing coin collection that day:)
 Jaz made a new BFF he was a little Caterpillar who she almost killed three times
that day we finally convinced her to let it go..lol
Jasmine&elijah get buried in the sand by Aunt Britt

The kids hanging out at a Rodeo in Osage lots of fun!

 we got to visit with old friends on the 4th of july in Clear lake!
(our friend todd and my hubby jamie:)

James and I waiting for the fireworks to start..we were soooo tired of waiting by
this point:)
 And finally!!! It was beautiful

 Jaz and cousin Ari having a great time at the fireworks
 Mom&Dads B-day party jaz made the cakes:)
 And she made the sweetest cards for them too
 Yes she was soooo happy to have had a party for them and EAT CAKE! 

P.S .  another blog to follow about the freebie and my shop:)

with much love, this girls journey

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hot summer days!

Quick and short thats what are summers are here in Iowa!

Last night i talked with my hubby james about how being present is something that god has
really pressed on my heart...
In every moment..
if only it was that easy
Like right now i am 8 months pregnant and its also our last baby
i wont ever be this way again, feeling this baby move going through these stages...aaahhhh
its all bitter sweet isn't it.

Our children continue to grow and change
We grow older too and change in many ways

I want to continue to grow and change as i get older
And i want it to be great changes that god does through me that blessmy
family and friends..
Yes thats my dream and i also want to present in where iam now
in my life..
God says to me "its ok cristy trust me in all of this your my daughter and i've got you no worries my love"
And yes thats how my heavenly father talks to me:)
I haven't always believed that he loved and cared for me that way but he's worked in my heart
and continues to build me up THANK GOD!
Cause i need him to conitue reminding me of his unconditional love for me..

Its just been one of those lazzzyyy days of reflecting for me...
Being present has never felt this GOOD:)

I hope you r all loving this short heat we get to enjoy too..only about 2months left
floks ENJOY!

with much love, this girls journey

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Catching up!

I dont even know where to begin!
The year just flew by....
After christmas we found out we r expecting a baby!!!

Yep a little girl we are naming violet middle name is still a ?

I got very sick for a long time not fun at all for my whole 1st and and pretty
much 2nd trimester...
So many things got put aside while i slept most of the winter away:)

(like this:( getting to it soon!

So now i am happy to say i am healthy and happily keeping food down.
I am 31 weeks and i really feel great.
God has been so good to us!

I am so thankful for what he is doing in our life.
It has been a long and hard year
Many adjustments with moving and long hours for my hubby in his
job, kids adjusting to a new school and then me just trying to
trust God with all of the changes in our lives.....
it has been good
the reward has been beyond what we even had planned..

Praying and believing that our faith keeps growing.....
So many more post to come right now i have to go home and EAT
Yes that is so important to this prego lady!!

with much love, this girls journey
I just found this picture recently!
Great time at aromas this past fall i was in my 1st trimester and rachel too:)