Thursday, July 7, 2011

Catching up!

I dont even know where to begin!
The year just flew by....
After christmas we found out we r expecting a baby!!!

Yep a little girl we are naming violet middle name is still a ?

I got very sick for a long time not fun at all for my whole 1st and and pretty
much 2nd trimester...
So many things got put aside while i slept most of the winter away:)

(like this:( getting to it soon!

So now i am happy to say i am healthy and happily keeping food down.
I am 31 weeks and i really feel great.
God has been so good to us!

I am so thankful for what he is doing in our life.
It has been a long and hard year
Many adjustments with moving and long hours for my hubby in his
job, kids adjusting to a new school and then me just trying to
trust God with all of the changes in our lives.....
it has been good
the reward has been beyond what we even had planned..

Praying and believing that our faith keeps growing.....
So many more post to come right now i have to go home and EAT
Yes that is so important to this prego lady!!

with much love, this girls journey
I just found this picture recently!
Great time at aromas this past fall i was in my 1st trimester and rachel too:)


  1. Violet Mae? Yes..I think she would appreciate it because MAE is a WONDERFUL middle name!