Friday, July 15, 2011

Color ideas??

So my artistic wonderful friends
I am doing some painting this coming week and 
i want some color ideas
 We are doing our living room wall
and then our daughters room to start out with...
Here are some pics i found that has got me dreaming...

 All of these are so dreamy!

 OK you can tell i love me some GREEN!!
 My old living room colors  looked just like this!! i Miss it :)

If you read my previous blog from a couple of days ago you can see pics of our
living room to get an idea what colors we have in there already.
And for Jaz and Violet we were thinking pink and green??
So this weekend i am taking a trip to Menard's for paint!! I cant wait to have this 
I love color and right now i hurts my eyes to see so much beige and white on our walls!!
So any ideas you can send my way please do 
creative geniuses!!

..and how about this blue?? hmmmm

So i am off to town with my little princess to Rustic Corner
this awesome store that has many creative ideas 
and goodies..
Family reunion pics coming soon in the next few days
stay tuned!

with much love, this girls journey

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