Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Etsy Fun!

I have been working on some new things to sell on Etsy
and that has been FUN
I love creating and making pretty little things

You can check me out on Etsy under Jasmineandviolets 
I am making new rings
and pretty hair pieces here is one i have been working on
my daughter jasmine helps create most of the pieces to its
so much fun to work with her she inspires me:)
 This is my shop were i work and create things i love to do either
for ETSY or just for fun! Its a must for me
i need to spend some time everyday creating something..

 My extended corner of my shop YES its in my bedroom too which
i try my best to keep organized and clean.. thank goodness my hubby doesn't
ME at my shop ( iam 8months pregnant!!! its just funny to see this pic

RANDOM..here below is just some of my summer reads:)
iF you have any to add to mine PLEASE tell me i love
to read and i read fast:)

So here's my freebie that i mentioned..
this is what you do:
1.Follow me on my blog 
2. Send your friends to follow me too
3. have them leave a comment saying who sent them to follow
and whoever has the sent the most friends to follow will choose
2 FREEE  things from my Etsy shop!!

P.S. i will being doing something like this of facebook as well so

I cant wait to see who wins!!

With much love, this girls journey!