Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hot summer days!

Quick and short thats what are summers are here in Iowa!

Last night i talked with my hubby james about how being present is something that god has
really pressed on my heart...
In every moment..
if only it was that easy
Like right now i am 8 months pregnant and its also our last baby
i wont ever be this way again, feeling this baby move going through these stages...aaahhhh
its all bitter sweet isn't it.

Our children continue to grow and change
We grow older too and change in many ways

I want to continue to grow and change as i get older
And i want it to be great changes that god does through me that blessmy
family and friends..
Yes thats my dream and i also want to present in where iam now
in my life..
God says to me "its ok cristy trust me in all of this your my daughter and i've got you no worries my love"
And yes thats how my heavenly father talks to me:)
I haven't always believed that he loved and cared for me that way but he's worked in my heart
and continues to build me up THANK GOD!
Cause i need him to conitue reminding me of his unconditional love for me..

Its just been one of those lazzzyyy days of reflecting for me...
Being present has never felt this GOOD:)

I hope you r all loving this short heat we get to enjoy too..only about 2months left
floks ENJOY!

with much love, this girls journey