Monday, July 11, 2011

keeping the peacecan be hard to do between 3 kids who r not feeling the best! THey r ancy and argueing about everything they do.yes it has been one of those days of lots of time outs -praying together-hugging -and included ! Iam pregnant right now so just about everything makes me cry happy things and the sad.. :)i finally got my children to work on art together making b-day cards 4 abuela n their papa joses birthday which we r celebrating 2nite!WE missed ma's birthday since they were gone on vacation so 2nite its a double party. 2cakes baked by jaz! she loves cakes! My daddies birthday is today actually!I love him so much he never seems to grow older he's a big kid with a great heart:) 2morrow ill post pics of our party and some surprises too! FRee goodies coming your way!

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  1. Sorry they are not feeling well but have fun at the partyyy!!!