Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let in RAIN;)

Everything i did today  was in slow motion
Seriously i tried getting things done and sure enough the kids were yelling for me
or i was just to tired and had to sit and rest before moving on to my task...
Because i had one of those list today of things i was going to go full speed
ahead and conquer..
the rain and cloudy skies did not help one bit!
My quiet time today kept screaming REST REST at me and i wasn't having any of it...
So guess what happened i yelled at the kids lost my temper was crankier then I've been in a long time
because i wanted my WAY!!
God had and wanted other plans for me truly he did:)
Lets just say a few hours ago i had to sneak in my room to cry,pray and even did my yoga to
finally feel like being around my children again...
And i am honest with my kids i tell them "mommy needs a time out to pray and clear her
head just give me 20min PLEASE:)
And they look at me with these expressions like "yeah we totally think you need it!!
My kids are not perfect but they are amazing and truly such a blessing, yes
they can bring out the best and worst in us at times
but i am so thankful for them!

So yeah i am resting,taking it easy trying not to get overwhelmed with
the list i have hidden in my journal
and now i have moved on with my day....
Here are some of those things that I've missed sharing these past months
I'll try to share in order..here goes:
 Elijah and Jaz all ready for Zach Foxs Birthday party!
 James with the boys in grand rapids our family vacation
(the kids starting their amazing coin collection that day:)
 Jaz made a new BFF he was a little Caterpillar who she almost killed three times
that day we finally convinced her to let it go..lol
Jasmine&elijah get buried in the sand by Aunt Britt

The kids hanging out at a Rodeo in Osage lots of fun!

 we got to visit with old friends on the 4th of july in Clear lake!
(our friend todd and my hubby jamie:)

James and I waiting for the fireworks to start..we were soooo tired of waiting by
this point:)
 And finally!!! It was beautiful

 Jaz and cousin Ari having a great time at the fireworks
 Mom&Dads B-day party jaz made the cakes:)
 And she made the sweetest cards for them too
 Yes she was soooo happy to have had a party for them and EAT CAKE! 

P.S .  another blog to follow about the freebie and my shop:)

with much love, this girls journey


  1. I have been there girl and it only gets better with taking the focus off yourself and talking to the Father :)CUTE pics!

  2. YAY! I made your blog! It was so great to see you guys. Cannot wait to meet the new Bluhm when we come next year!!