Monday, July 18, 2011


Exhausted-tired-hot-sleepy-swollen are just some of the
emotions I've been dealing with these last few days..
But I've also laughed-loved-cherished&cried over the weekend too..

See this weekend and still going for a couple of days is our Rogers family
We have buried the ashes of great grandparents that left a beautiful legacy...
We all piled into our cars Saturday night and went to Toeterville iowa about 8miles
away from St.ansger were if you can believe it ancestors of ours founded this little speck
of a town!
Here are some pics of the EVENT:)
We just arrived To Toetervillle
Uncle Joe breaking ground!
Our family stands around and begins singing Amazing Grace:)
And here they are Carl & Elizabeth
And below is wonderful britta holding their pictures

Uncle Joe is all done with the burial and we say our goodbyes

YES she took home the cremation certificate...

Goodbye Toeterville!!
The next day was a reunion with lots of family we have not met before it was
a great things to see.
All of these cousins connected we are part of a bigger picture and it keeps growing and growing:)
Here's our Bluhm family pic
 Baby Violet coming SOOOONNNN:)
 This last one was us waiting for James to finally jump in the picture!!
So i am off i am to tired too write anything more
its soooo hot out its crazyyyy!!!
But thank you god for it cause i know soon enough winter comes a creeping...
P.S. i have yet to pick up the paint but i think we decided green and pink curtains with a tree design '
and flowers on the wall.
for the living room i think Green too have yet to decide:)
Thanks for your input though
God bless and stay COOOLLLLL

with much love, this girls journey

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