Thursday, September 29, 2011

Violet joy Bluhm is here!

at 7lbs & 13 ounces and 20 inches long
 she is healthy and strong girl

here are some photos of our little angel

 proud daddy❤

 she went from little this too almost 10lbs in 2wks:)
yep she is eating a lot!!
 VIOLET JOY at 4wks old already!!She looks so much like Jonah&
and Jasmine!!
Me & violet are bonding and feedings are going
so much better than when i tried nursing jasmine 6yrs ago
...thank goodness!

with muc love, this girls journey❤

Looking bacK❤

Looking back on Our 2011-2012 Surprises & Blessings!!

1. A home in the country

2. Having a firplace to enjoy through our cold
winter nights..and we have plenty!

3. Game nights with the kids

4. FALL weather is here again!!

5. Finding out we were expecting baby #4 last

6. "Promotions"!! God leading us through
another door.. "oh that you would bless us
indeed,increase our territory,
keep us from evil...
give us wisdom to be faithful with all you have
given us!❤

7. The Birth of our 2nd daughter
Violet Joy Bluhm born on August 31st 2011
..on auntie britts bday too!

8. Finding out i am going to finally be a 1st
time auntie myself!!!! Brook and joel will have
their baby in December..we cant wait:)

9. My kids started school already and they looked so
cute and big on their 1st day Back!

10. I am going to see WICKED!! in 2 months ..finally
sooo happy:) thanxs mama!!

So  many things have happened just in the last 2months
my friends Rachel and Jessica just had their baby boys
Lincoln & Jackson and they are so cute!! Dont you
just LOVE their names:)

❤Lots of wonderful events to look
forward too
and memories to be made❤

with much love, this girls journey

A new day. A New Morning!!

A new day. A new morning

full of  surprises and joy.

Blessings to be discovered and freely given.
Freedom from baggage and shame.
Into your hands i commit my spirit.
Your protection surrounds every part of me and my family.
It is well with my soul is well

with much love, this girls journey