Monday, October 31, 2011

fall magic..

my children enjoying our yearly costume party at church

our little Violet as a flower.. LoL! with her one of her BFFs Lincoln:)

Yes enjoying this

Taking trips to the riverfront and library on a sunny fall day:)

1st born..attitude!

Elijah wants to rest to read a new book

 While Jasmine hunts for clams along the river

 Elijah&Jonah ignoring my request to look to the camera...yes they were reading like this for awhile

 The path and our favorite tree:)
 Oh no!!
i had to capture this!! both of them reading while waking back to our car!!

Jasmine was fighting with jonah about how to smile in this pic,,can you tell?:)


Boys read.. Jasmine dances:)

I am enjoying this fall weather and all it has to offer us this year!
I hope you are too!!

with much love, this girls journey

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Goals ...

I have goals for the year,week,month and even years to come
Find any journal of mine and you will find LISTS through out them
some a crossed off and that is such a great feeling
to find those.

I just smile with satisfaction and say good for you Aligna you did that!!
Do you have list? I love them and need them
Every day along with my devotional i make a list
i pray over it too now!
because sometimes if your like me it can be depressing when nothing on the list
gets crossed of.
And with the arrival of my beautiful Violet my list is glaring at me
saying HEY you get on this!!
PRAYER helps me to accept the fact I am not superwoman!!
There will be days when nothing is going like i planned
it to be and i just have to go with it. Smile and say 'this is a season enjoy this even if you
have to pretend to not see six boxes of clothes in your dinning room
laundry is piling up in your room washed but now wrinkled..
Yes i did leave to have coffee with friends instead of doing housework:)))
And it felt great.
Show me your list and I'll show you mine

with much love, this girls journey

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MAMA Mia!!

Mama mia here i go again!!

Tummy pains for my little Violet left
me in tears:/
she was crying for hours it felt like
it brought me back to when i was nursing my daughter Jasminerose
and how hard that was for me
all that fear and feeling of failure came washing over me
I wanted to give up!
Fear fear overcame me
So i just started praying for peace and guidance on what i could do!
I sent out a mass text to my girlfriends to be praying for me
and you know what i started to feel so encouraged and at peace
i felt their prayers!!
after getting a call from a wise mommy friend it truly
got me through a tough night!
Thank you God for friends
it really makes all the difference to be open to other mommy
friends with this hard but amazing journey of
being a mama.
We all deal with much of the
same things
and we need eachother:)
Be encouraged you are not alone seek out friends who are
great encouragers and fact be that friend too and blessings will flow:)

with much love, this girls journey

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

CluTTer move over!

Simplify,Empty out,Focus,
Praying for gods strength in this
I want so bad to have things simplified in my house!
Every year around this time i want to get rid of more then half our things
i start to feel closed in
that may have something to do with the fact that winter
is coming ..or should i say here already!
and we spend much more time indoors
and i have four kids now!!

Last night was a great example of what our winters will'
probably be like
it was chilly so of course the kids stay inside
and my children had bins of barbies and their houses
on one side of our living room
and Lego's,dinosaurs,and star wars figures all over the place..
it also happens to the same day i decided to
go through our closets and so i had clothes everywhere!
But this week i will have downsized and i will feel so much better
this winter i know it!
Not only that but i know i
cant start or work on the things i really enjoy with
all this clutter around me
So i press on and finish the work
get things in order
winterize the house
clean the garage out
take things to Sue's consignment
..and of course at a turtles pace cause yall know i have a baby:)

PS. thank you god for answered prayers! my brother-in-law Joel&
sister brook just got two great jobs in Minneapolis!!!!
Now praying that they find a place to live soon:)

With much love, this girls journey

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cry baby cry

Random truths ::
Yes its true i am one emotional mama!!
facts of life right now everything happy and sad can make me
I just had a baby 6wks ago CRAZY!!!
Time flys
seasons change:)
 My Violet is so big already...umm she loves to eat a lot:)
 Me Tired !!

 My house is a mess
laundry piles everywhere

Need to start working out
i actually gained 5pds!~!
Candy corn not helping!!

But life is beautiful and messy
and by the grace of god i will get through
this season with joy
and with lots of love around me how
can i not feel blessed!!

with much love,this girls journey!