Tuesday, October 18, 2011

CluTTer move over!

Simplify,Empty out,Focus,
Praying for gods strength in this
I want so bad to have things simplified in my house!
Every year around this time i want to get rid of more then half our things
i start to feel closed in
that may have something to do with the fact that winter
is coming ..or should i say here already!
and we spend much more time indoors
and i have four kids now!!

Last night was a great example of what our winters will'
probably be like
it was chilly so of course the kids stay inside
and my children had bins of barbies and their houses
on one side of our living room
and Lego's,dinosaurs,and star wars figures all over the place..
it also happens to the same day i decided to
go through our closets and so i had clothes everywhere!
But this week i will have downsized and i will feel so much better
this winter i know it!
Not only that but i know i
cant start or work on the things i really enjoy with
all this clutter around me
So i press on and finish the work
get things in order
winterize the house
clean the garage out
take things to Sue's consignment
..and of course at a turtles pace cause yall know i have a baby:)

PS. thank you god for answered prayers! my brother-in-law Joel&
sister brook just got two great jobs in Minneapolis!!!!
Now praying that they find a place to live soon:)

With much love, this girls journey

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