Monday, October 31, 2011

fall magic..

my children enjoying our yearly costume party at church

our little Violet as a flower.. LoL! with her one of her BFFs Lincoln:)

Yes enjoying this

Taking trips to the riverfront and library on a sunny fall day:)

1st born..attitude!

Elijah wants to rest to read a new book

 While Jasmine hunts for clams along the river

 Elijah&Jonah ignoring my request to look to the camera...yes they were reading like this for awhile

 The path and our favorite tree:)
 Oh no!!
i had to capture this!! both of them reading while waking back to our car!!

Jasmine was fighting with jonah about how to smile in this pic,,can you tell?:)


Boys read.. Jasmine dances:)

I am enjoying this fall weather and all it has to offer us this year!
I hope you are too!!

with much love, this girls journey

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  1. hahahhahah!! I love the pictures of the boys reading. :) they crack me up. and the last picture of Jasmine dancing. haha.

    OHHH I love my nephews and nieces:) I am such a PROUD auntie!