Thursday, October 20, 2011

Goals ...

I have goals for the year,week,month and even years to come
Find any journal of mine and you will find LISTS through out them
some a crossed off and that is such a great feeling
to find those.

I just smile with satisfaction and say good for you Aligna you did that!!
Do you have list? I love them and need them
Every day along with my devotional i make a list
i pray over it too now!
because sometimes if your like me it can be depressing when nothing on the list
gets crossed of.
And with the arrival of my beautiful Violet my list is glaring at me
saying HEY you get on this!!
PRAYER helps me to accept the fact I am not superwoman!!
There will be days when nothing is going like i planned
it to be and i just have to go with it. Smile and say 'this is a season enjoy this even if you
have to pretend to not see six boxes of clothes in your dinning room
laundry is piling up in your room washed but now wrinkled..
Yes i did leave to have coffee with friends instead of doing housework:)))
And it felt great.
Show me your list and I'll show you mine

with much love, this girls journey

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