Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MAMA Mia!!

Mama mia here i go again!!

Tummy pains for my little Violet left
me in tears:/
she was crying for hours it felt like
it brought me back to when i was nursing my daughter Jasminerose
and how hard that was for me
all that fear and feeling of failure came washing over me
I wanted to give up!
Fear fear overcame me
So i just started praying for peace and guidance on what i could do!
I sent out a mass text to my girlfriends to be praying for me
and you know what i started to feel so encouraged and at peace
i felt their prayers!!
after getting a call from a wise mommy friend it truly
got me through a tough night!
Thank you God for friends
it really makes all the difference to be open to other mommy
friends with this hard but amazing journey of
being a mama.
We all deal with much of the
same things
and we need eachother:)
Be encouraged you are not alone seek out friends who are
great encouragers and fact be that friend too and blessings will flow:)

with much love, this girls journey

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