Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..
Ive heard this many times in my life and it got me thinking
Beauty can be many things 
it comes in many shapes and colors
My husband thinks i am the most beautiful girl in the world
and to him I am:) 
But to someone else or somewhere else i am just well ordinary looking
I think as women we compare A LOT!  And i think that just makes God sad when we do…Not to mention we end up feeling like crap
We think we don't measure up to some unrealistic image of BEAUTY..The world around us shouts be skinnier,these clothes not those and this is what a successful MOM looks like and so on
Uuughh its all so tiring keeping up with all that!
What is beautiful to me may not float your boat but isn't that wonderful? We are all fearfully and wonderfully made. I mean really the freckles on your face and those laugh lines around your eyes they are BEAUTY! 
Our stretch marks from having those precious babies yes those too are beautiful they are our scars of life well lived. Aging gracefully well i sure hope i do!
I learning to love who i am..
not everyday is successful but i 
am on my way
with much love, this girls journey
P.S. Now i know she is BEAUTY for sure:)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I Have a confession to make..
I have been consumed with my MAC as in 
my new computer(thanks hubby:)
I was realizing how much time I've been spending on my computer and i totaled the time and well lets just say i need to cut back 
Now in my defense i have a Etsy&Ebay business that require me
to be on the computer awhile.
But i found myself getting distracted with Facebook,Twitter,Pintrest-i so love that site!,Blogging! For goodness sake after all that no wonder 
I've been slacking in other areas like having more time to read the word& creating more…
Which got me praying for HELP i need to know how to set healthy
Limits to this privilege of having the Internet..
So I've been putting it to practice
A Timer! Yep i give myself a time limit on each site that i enjoy 
surfing through.And once its done i move on
Tomorrow is another day
Other things need my focus and time more
I feel healthier 
I am more intentional with my life 
Thank you God for showing me that!
Learning that some Limits are GOOD:)
3.Blogged done

With much love, this girls journey

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Feast
Who doesn't love Thanksgiving? How could you not 
love the idea (excuse:) to eat all the worlds most comforting foods in one day. Sitting around the table eating among the ones you love. 
If you get to do this YOU ARE BLESSED! I am reminded that so many people have nowhere to go this Thanksgiving. Maybe they have no family to go see or they can't afford a Thanksgiving feast for their family.
And the thought of it breaks my heart..
My husband James & I were talking about this the other night. Our idea of what thanksgiving means to us& how we would like to celebrate it next year.
Here's our dream..
Imagine it and plan on Feasting with us if you can
A large wooden rustic table surrounded by many many chairs. Large twinkling lights hanging down to give the room a glow of magic. Many candles light the table. Oh and the food lots of it. Imagine the largest turkey YES that's the one, and it sits right in the center. Surrounded by all kinds of side dishes from mash potatoes,cranberry sauce to Spanish rice and fresh homemade bread. Its all there! Now we need the 
people. Not only our family is here but we have invited  
friends and even some strangers that needed a place to come home to. We feast together and after we share what we are most thankful for. As i imagine this dream coming to life i am in tears. Because to me this feels like a piece of heaven is right here among us. We share, we laugh, we cry, we unite under one room to proclaim our thankful hearts to our God. Its heavenly…And its in our home! Praying for a large dining room in the near future we think Thanksgiving  could be and should be this way. Our hearts dream of this

the table setting!

I love how long this table is we would need something larger then this!

Come one Come All! Now that's one large Feast

The twinkle lights:)


These pictures represent an idea of what the feast would look like
WE have so much to be thankful for this year!
1. Our health praise God!
2. Our large family who lives so close to us and blesses us with their love and time. We get to celebrate with them this thanksgiving! Blessed
3.Our home that keeps us warm and we grow as a family within these walls
4.Our children. 4 healthy beautiful kids we feel so blessed to have them
5.To live in America where i can praise&serve my God freely! A land where the possibilities are still endless!
6.Our friends who encourage and bless us.We share in this amazing journey in life
7. I am so thankful for my husbands job and his hard work that has changed our life! Gods provision and his blessing have overwhelmed us this year
I know there is even more to be thankful for and its sometimes so easy for me to get lost in everything else that i forget how blessed i am. 
Thank God for Thanksgiving! A time for proclaiming thankfulness!!!
with much love, this girls journey

Friday, November 18, 2011

10 things about me...

i am really thinking about this list..for some reason its not so easy to make a list about yorself!
So here goes:)

1. I love dark chocolate and Fancy expensive cheese. Its true i am a cheese snob!
the stranger and older the cheese the better..weird
2. I am a morning person. I will be that annoying person that tries to talk to
you right away in the morning:)
3. I really like working out and being active when i am not i don't feel that great about
myself. So i like to get it out of the way 1st thing in the morning (hard to do that early with a baby but i am working on it:)..and i have lots of HELP ahem MONICA&MOM!:)
4.LOVE Boots, Hats, Scarves,New makeup,skinny jeans,flats,big handbags ooohhhh need i say more
5.I love reading a great book you know the ones you cant put down all day and then afterwards
it just lingers in your thoughts and heart...Ahhh i am always in pursuit of that next great book
6. Love watching musicals&old movies are the best. Ask my kids they have watched more old films then most adults i know and they love them too! Musicals are their favorites
7. I love to CREATE! draw,paint,make people beautiful&beautiful things and to see others enjoy them makes my heart so
happy. I feel God in creating so much its a great time for me when inspiration comes
and i loose myself in when that happens
8. I love blogging:)..very therapeutic
9. Making list and crossing things off!
10. Staying up late with my husband James
and talking about our day,children,our future,what god is dealing or showing us individually. That time is so precious to us when we miss out we definitely feel it during the week. And when we do get that time it takes work to fight for it  with four kids our youngest a 3month old jeezz!! Its all worth it though!
 that's just 10 things about me... of course there is more..
next time:)

now i am going to start making my christmas list
another thing i love to do
11. Christmas shopping!

P.S. tommorrow i am off to see "Wicked" soo excited!! my sweet hubby is staying with the kids all four..well for most of the day anyway iam sure grammi will come to his rescue at some point:) Anyway a whole day away and doing one of my
favorite things! i am feeling really blessed:)
Happy weekend everyone!

with much love, this girls journey

Friday, November 11, 2011

Simply joy

what brings you joy?
Have you felt joy today?
Are you thankful for that joy?
And are you bringing others joy too?

My questions from my devotional this morning..
and i made my list..(you know how i love list!)
it was amazing how i am missing the boat with JOY...

I want to wake up every morning with a joyful heart
I want to  bring more joy to my precious family and friends
I want to praise god for all the blessings and joy he's brought into
my life.
Sometimes i forget how to find joy in the sinple things because i am so
consumed with getting things done or what i dont have..

So my eyes have been open this morning to some pretty amazing joyful things
in my life! And i am going to sing with a joyful praise for them

He is my hero and bestfriend!! I love this man!
11yrs together god has brought us through so much..:)

God gave me them! This was taken the morning of Jonah&Elijahs 10th birthday...Jonah was
totally pretending to be asleep
Our Violet Joy!! And she really is a little ball of joy:)
What else could i possible want?!!
Happy weekend everyone praying its filled with lots of joy!

with much love, this girls journey