Friday, November 18, 2011

10 things about me...

i am really thinking about this list..for some reason its not so easy to make a list about yorself!
So here goes:)

1. I love dark chocolate and Fancy expensive cheese. Its true i am a cheese snob!
the stranger and older the cheese the better..weird
2. I am a morning person. I will be that annoying person that tries to talk to
you right away in the morning:)
3. I really like working out and being active when i am not i don't feel that great about
myself. So i like to get it out of the way 1st thing in the morning (hard to do that early with a baby but i am working on it:)..and i have lots of HELP ahem MONICA&MOM!:)
4.LOVE Boots, Hats, Scarves,New makeup,skinny jeans,flats,big handbags ooohhhh need i say more
5.I love reading a great book you know the ones you cant put down all day and then afterwards
it just lingers in your thoughts and heart...Ahhh i am always in pursuit of that next great book
6. Love watching musicals&old movies are the best. Ask my kids they have watched more old films then most adults i know and they love them too! Musicals are their favorites
7. I love to CREATE! draw,paint,make people beautiful&beautiful things and to see others enjoy them makes my heart so
happy. I feel God in creating so much its a great time for me when inspiration comes
and i loose myself in when that happens
8. I love blogging:)..very therapeutic
9. Making list and crossing things off!
10. Staying up late with my husband James
and talking about our day,children,our future,what god is dealing or showing us individually. That time is so precious to us when we miss out we definitely feel it during the week. And when we do get that time it takes work to fight for it  with four kids our youngest a 3month old jeezz!! Its all worth it though!
 that's just 10 things about me... of course there is more..
next time:)

now i am going to start making my christmas list
another thing i love to do
11. Christmas shopping!

P.S. tommorrow i am off to see "Wicked" soo excited!! my sweet hubby is staying with the kids all four..well for most of the day anyway iam sure grammi will come to his rescue at some point:) Anyway a whole day away and doing one of my
favorite things! i am feeling really blessed:)
Happy weekend everyone!

with much love, this girls journey

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  1. SO happy you are getting a DAY AWAY! LOVE YOU SO MUCH! You are such a good friend to have by my side in this LIFE! :)