Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I Have a confession to make..
I have been consumed with my MAC as in 
my new computer(thanks hubby:)
I was realizing how much time I've been spending on my computer and i totaled the time and well lets just say i need to cut back 
Now in my defense i have a Etsy&Ebay business that require me
to be on the computer awhile.
But i found myself getting distracted with Facebook,Twitter,Pintrest-i so love that site!,Blogging! For goodness sake after all that no wonder 
I've been slacking in other areas like having more time to read the word& creating more…
Which got me praying for HELP i need to know how to set healthy
Limits to this privilege of having the Internet..
So I've been putting it to practice
A Timer! Yep i give myself a time limit on each site that i enjoy 
surfing through.And once its done i move on
Tomorrow is another day
Other things need my focus and time more
I feel healthier 
I am more intentional with my life 
Thank you God for showing me that!
Learning that some Limits are GOOD:)
3.Blogged done

With much love, this girls journey


  1. I TOTALLY need to do this! I am on the computer A TON because of school work, but there are SO many distractions! Going to try your method! :) Thanks for posting this, Christy! Love you! :)

    xo. chelsea