Friday, December 30, 2011

Hello friends,
 A New DAY 2012!

Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now its springs forth; do you not perceive and know it and will you not give heed to it?"- Isaiah 43:19

Starting my day of right with a great breakfast a warm cup of green tea and my devotional book and journal at hand. I love mornings like this!
Its snowing..a little anyway;)

Morning JOY! Loving the Green Tea yummy

Reading in the morning is the best! Making it priority #1 for the New Year. Even if it means waking up at 5am ouch!

The view from my front door is just lovely!

The message is he makes all things NEW! 
A new year is ahead and its exciting we all get to make a fresh start
New goals!
Making this year stand out and be different from last year 
Why not?! Its just one year of trying something new set the bar high 
aim for it! 
And there is always next year so don't be so hard on yourself!!
(message to self:)
Here's a small excerpt from my devotional today:
God has created you to need and crave diversity ad variety. You require freshness and newness in your life. As this year and this day come to an end, make a quality decision to step out into a NEW thing God has for you. And don't forget to enjoy yourself! -Joyce Meyer

praying for a wonderful year ahead!

With much love, this girls journey

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Music Review

Adele is amazing!!!
 If you have not heard her music lately which rock have you been hiding under??:)
Go get her Cd!! 
I've been listening to her everyday lately
her genius lyrics to Someone Like You just blows me away! One of my Favorites
My sweet hubby gave me a 2disc set of Adele singing at the Royal Albert Hall
Wonderful to listen too. Her voice just draws you in and you just can't help but be touched by her soulful voice.

Absolutely love her eyes she's a beauty!! Great job Makeup Artist:)

I like what my hubby said about her in his words he described Adele.."when i hear songs throughout my day they just blur by but when she sings i take notice I hear her". 
Right now she is so young and at the beginning of her career really
I can twit to see her mature and grow into so much more
I pray that she won't fall into the trappings that so many young talented singers like her do
It breaks my heart to hear of the tragedies that befall on the young talented singers today...
 So yeah we have fallen in love with this Blondie,sassy English singer for sure.
I pray for her and think of her as my new BFF:)) I wish her well and many more yours of success!
Keep in mind if you do buy her live disc like i have she does have a bit of a potty mouth..sorry it was a let down:( And yes i say potty mouth i am Mother:)
Although the CD was fabulous! No swearing just great singing

  Happy Thursday everyone!!
with much love, this girls journey

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Blindsided is by definition=
1.attack from blind side: to attack somebody suddenly and physically by hitting the person on a side where his or her peripheral vision is obstructed
2.attack when vulnerable: to take somebody unawares suddenly, with detrimental results to that person

Bear with me please..
but have you ever felt this way?? Blindsided by revelations&emotions that seem to come out of nowhere but you know deep down that its been there all along. You just have either ignored it or have been blind to it somehow.
i know there is no way i am the only person who has felt this way 
but in the mist of it all you feel..alone. 
It can also feel painful, uncomfortable, refreshing, enlighten.That just to name a few of the emotions going through me..
I think i have thought my amor was pretty strong to withstand most attacks and then it happens and i am blown away at how much it shakes my heart&spirit These last few days have been good&bad for me..
Good in that i know what God is doing is opening my eyes to some things that have been hiding & not dealing with..
Bad in that its painful to see and deal with Around this time of year i hear and read the words detox and resolutions a lot! Sometimes they stick but most times they fade away from our memories and we are right back at are usual state…i wonder why? Declarations are nice to hear and everyone jumps on the band wagon together. It always makes me wonder if people have any thoughts or ideas of their own.
I am not going to declare nor am i going to make my list for you to follow and be impressed by...
Just pray and write your own list Ask him to show you personally what can be removed from your lifethat holds you back from being YOU
    Don't hide behind Facebook,twitter etc..just go to a few friends
      you TRUST! And pray for each other, be accountable that way.
        I know i am going to need Gods help through this big time!:)
          I am going to be giving up some things that are going to be tough to let go of but necessary for my heart&soul. Its going to bring me into a different place in my journey.
            Praying without ceasing, Hoping for the things unseen, now sprinkle in some action
              Thats a recipe i am writing in my journal today and the one thing i pray you take with you to start this New Year with a bang!!

                  with much love, this girls journey

                          Tuesday, December 27, 2011

                          Holding on..

                          I hold on to Christmas as long as i can. I am one of those people that gets the ever so lightly little blues that come after a big event or holiday.
                          It takes me a few days to come down from the high of the event, maybe its  because i am a very sensitive person. The air, the smells, the environment around me lifts me up and i hold on to it till the very end. So yeah the tree is not coming down till after the 6th of January..we Puerto Ricans celebrate 3kings day..another Christmas for us:) And then i sadly will put away all my decorations. Praying and hoping i was in the moment and reflecting on how blessed we all were to spend Christmas together. 
                          In the meantime its time for Christmas photo dump:))

                          Violets gifts were small and sweet
                          Elijah our coin collector
                          Hubby with his new book from the kids:)

                          Mind Flex...need i say more:}

                          My little helpers!

                          Her most favorite gifts her crown and Kanani  her American girl doll:)

                          Now we all have one!

                          My new laptop case:)

                          the star wars battle begins!
                           Now its Christmas at the other Bluhms house
                          Papa tim with his princess's

                          Violet and her cousin Judah

                          all the grand kids with gram&papa

                          Then Christmas at the Figueroas House
                          Jonah as always holding Violet..Jasmine is so funny here she kept asking about presents all night!

                          Papa loving on Violet

                          Abuela & Violet close up:)

                          Games Games Games :) 
                          The opening of presents BEGINS NOW!

                          Moms bracelet made by ME:)
                          Lovely Violet

                          Opening her sisters presents and loving it


                          Focus people! :))

                          A wonderful Christmas full of Gods bountiful love and blessings:)
                          Praying you all had the same!!

                          With much love, this girls journey

                          Wednesday, December 21, 2011

                          christmas LOVE!

                          I knew i was going to share this story this week. 
                          But who would have thought that
                          our little cousin Chelsea was getting engaged!
                          She is not so little anymore, she is a beautiful woman of god:)
                          We are so happy for her and Justin!
                          Go and read her blog and story its beautiful!
                          Which push me to write our(James&i)love story 
                          I just wish we had pictures to capture OUR MOMENT:)

                          12yrs ago on December 25th James asked me to be his wife!
                          aahhh i remember...
                          I remember him asking me to go for a walk it was cold and snow was everywhere and beautiful outside.
                          Which is usually the case in Minnesota:)
                          To be honest i wanted to say no. 
                          We were visiting at family friends house and 
                          i thought well it would be kind of rude to leave the house..
                          and its cold!!!...:)
                          Eventually i said yes and of on our walk we went
                          He seemed to have a lot on his mind and i had no idea 
                          what was going on with him
                          See James is a thinker and even then i knew he needed time to process and
                          then share whats on his heart. I was starting to feel nervous wondering if what he
                          was going to tell me was bad or good 
                          And then we stopped walking and he pulled out a letter and started to read
                          a letter to me
                          i honestly just remember him reading such beautiful words.
                          I don't remember if he was kneeling or standing yet but then i heard the words
                          "i don't just think i could spend the rest of my life with you, i know
                          i couldn't spend it without you."..marry me
                          Yes i said YES!
                          There's the letter i keep on my dresser mirror:)And the picture above it i was pregnant
                          with the twins our very 1st year of marriage!! CRAZY

                          We were both kids really! I knew i wanted to marry this Iowa boy who captured my heart. I wanted to begin my life right away with him. No matter how naive that may sound at heart James&I just wanted
                          to start OUR life together and right away to embark on this amazing journey called LIFE.
                          Our love story has been one of great trials but great success.
                          We had to grow up together. Each of us has had to push through some ugly things in our lives.
                          We had to learn to pray for each other and pray really has made all the difference!
                          I am not rose coloring my story at all. Truly i had to learn that James is not my superman..God is!!!
                          He is not there to make me happy. He is not perfect. I had to learn to be happy with who i am and what i am doing in life and with Gods help i can and i am on that road:)
                           Listen after 12yrs together we are still madly in love! By the grace of god!
                          We had to learn to forgive each other. Give grace. Romance and dating is a priority.
                          Marriage is work..but the payoff is wonderful especially when you've invested in each other.
                          But back to my story;)
                          Our family had this tradition of going to a movie Christmas night and that night we went 
                          to see The Green Mile.
                          I'll never forget how magical 
                          and amazing that night was 
                          for me
                          Precious memories. I was on cloud 9 for real!! 
                          There is nothing like being in love
                          and Engaged:) 
                          I read my cousins blog today and i felt overwhelmed with so many emotions. 
                          But most of all i felt Love. God has so much in store for them.
                           Their journey is just in its beginning stages. So exciting!
                          I just want to say, treasure all these moments,days..
                          you'll look back and see how far
                          you've both come. And i pray & hope that many kids later :) 
                          He will still be the only man in the world who captures your heart!!

                          with much love, this girls journey


                          Thursday, December 15, 2011


                          Yes my husband has held every single one of our kids like a football! They loveit:)
                          Choosing a photo for our Christmas card is hard!!
                          Here are some of my favorites but theres so MANY!
                          My friend beka is a great photographer check her out here
                          B* Pretty Photography and here

                          Jasmine would not take our picture together without a operation christmas child box;)

                          They are constantly fighting over our violet!


                          Violet Joy:)


                          P.s. I finally picked one! Cant wait to send them out:)

                          with much love, this girls journey

                          Wednesday, December 14, 2011

                          Tis the season..don't let the rain fool you:)

                          Our 2011 Christmas tree

                          Loving how big our family is now;)
                          The boys 1st Christmas! they were 3months old here
                          Jasmine rose 1st Christmas at 7months:)

                          Our 1st Christmas as a married couple!!

                          I have always liked picture ornaments
                          Especially the kids first Christmas
                          i can add one of Violets first Christmas:)
                          Making our Christmas cards today
                          and sending them to friends and family this week!
                          Its one of my favorite things to get in the mail.
                          And sometimes i get the ones with the Christmas letter attached. You know the ones that give you all the wonderful and maybe not so wonderful details about the persons last year. I love reading them:)
                          I have personally always wanted to do one and yet i always miss out and forget to make the time to write it..
                          Lets see i might just do one or next year i will for sure!:)
                          On the agenda for today:
                          1. Finish wrapping presents
                          2. Fold laundry..uughhh:(
                          3. Work on some presents i am making:) 
                          4. Lunch with my hubby!:))
                          Gray clouds move aside its going to be a great day!!
                          P.S its rainy in December here in Iowa& the snow has disappeared!! Crazy:)

                          with much love, this girls journey

                          Monday, December 12, 2011

                          Weekend BLURR..

                          Baby feet!! I love them

                          Just in case he gets lost:)

                          Auntie Aligna(ME) dressed judah for the first time with this cute socks LoVE!

                          My Jonah bear loving on his 1st cousin Judah:)

                          Proud Auntie!!
                          I met my beautiful nephew Judah this weekend
                          and of course it was AMAZING! *tears
                          Going up to the cities for this beautiful event was well..with four kids, lots of WORK!

                          The moment we get in the car the usual orchestra begins
                          Ready set GO!
                          Jas- Mama i am hungry
                          Eli-ma did you know Pluto is not as far as Neptune sometimes. And which is your favorite planet? how big do you think it is?
                          Jonah- jaz get of my legs!
                          Jaz- can someone please feed me some food!
                          Eli- so dad have you heard of these planets?
                          Mute button anyone?!! But really i can laugh about this now its only in the moment when you feel>
                          !Wow we have three hours of this!!!
                          Violet our baby is the only quite one in the car PRAISE GOD!
                          she sleeps the whole way there and back:)
                          We arrive all in one piece. We love on brook&joel, we hold the baby:)
                          The kids get the swim time they so much desired and the next day is a rush back home
                          for our children's Christmas play
                          It was a hit!!
                          The weekend was many things joyful,tearful, exhausting, it was definitely a bblurrrr!
                          Elijah is wearing red& Jonah is in purple& josiah is their buddy in the middle:)

                          The amazing cast! Little jasmine is the camel.

                          Proud Mommy&daddy of little Judah:)

                          With much love, this girls journey