Wednesday, December 21, 2011

christmas LOVE!

I knew i was going to share this story this week. 
But who would have thought that
our little cousin Chelsea was getting engaged!
She is not so little anymore, she is a beautiful woman of god:)
We are so happy for her and Justin!
Go and read her blog and story its beautiful!
Which push me to write our(James&i)love story 
I just wish we had pictures to capture OUR MOMENT:)

12yrs ago on December 25th James asked me to be his wife!
aahhh i remember...
I remember him asking me to go for a walk it was cold and snow was everywhere and beautiful outside.
Which is usually the case in Minnesota:)
To be honest i wanted to say no. 
We were visiting at family friends house and 
i thought well it would be kind of rude to leave the house..
and its cold!!!...:)
Eventually i said yes and of on our walk we went
He seemed to have a lot on his mind and i had no idea 
what was going on with him
See James is a thinker and even then i knew he needed time to process and
then share whats on his heart. I was starting to feel nervous wondering if what he
was going to tell me was bad or good 
And then we stopped walking and he pulled out a letter and started to read
a letter to me
i honestly just remember him reading such beautiful words.
I don't remember if he was kneeling or standing yet but then i heard the words
"i don't just think i could spend the rest of my life with you, i know
i couldn't spend it without you."..marry me
Yes i said YES!
There's the letter i keep on my dresser mirror:)And the picture above it i was pregnant
with the twins our very 1st year of marriage!! CRAZY

We were both kids really! I knew i wanted to marry this Iowa boy who captured my heart. I wanted to begin my life right away with him. No matter how naive that may sound at heart James&I just wanted
to start OUR life together and right away to embark on this amazing journey called LIFE.
Our love story has been one of great trials but great success.
We had to grow up together. Each of us has had to push through some ugly things in our lives.
We had to learn to pray for each other and pray really has made all the difference!
I am not rose coloring my story at all. Truly i had to learn that James is not my superman..God is!!!
He is not there to make me happy. He is not perfect. I had to learn to be happy with who i am and what i am doing in life and with Gods help i can and i am on that road:)
 Listen after 12yrs together we are still madly in love! By the grace of god!
We had to learn to forgive each other. Give grace. Romance and dating is a priority.
Marriage is work..but the payoff is wonderful especially when you've invested in each other.
But back to my story;)
Our family had this tradition of going to a movie Christmas night and that night we went 
to see The Green Mile.
I'll never forget how magical 
and amazing that night was 
for me
Precious memories. I was on cloud 9 for real!! 
There is nothing like being in love
and Engaged:) 
I read my cousins blog today and i felt overwhelmed with so many emotions. 
But most of all i felt Love. God has so much in store for them.
 Their journey is just in its beginning stages. So exciting!
I just want to say, treasure all these moments,days..
you'll look back and see how far
you've both come. And i pray & hope that many kids later :) 
He will still be the only man in the world who captures your heart!!

with much love, this girls journey


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  1. Sobbing over here, Chris!!!!!...... seriously. Thank you so much!!! You are way too kind!!!! I have to tell you that Justin & I have aways looked to you & James as our "inspiration" if that makes sense. You got married so young & you STILL have it bad for each other. Every time I see James look at you, I get so happy that you guys still ADORE each other. It's as if you're still newlyweds!!!! But with 4 babies. :) FOR REAL. True love at its finest. I can't wait to share this journey with you! I'm sure I'll be asking for lots of be ready! :) I love you guys with all of my heart & I know Justin does too! We are SO blessed to have such a beautiful FAITH-FILLED family. So, so blessed. And by the way, I've never heard how he proposed before! I love that he wrote a letter!!! Something to cherish forever. How magical! I know the feeling now. :) LOVE YOU so much, Christy!