Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holding on..

I hold on to Christmas as long as i can. I am one of those people that gets the ever so lightly little blues that come after a big event or holiday.
It takes me a few days to come down from the high of the event, maybe its  because i am a very sensitive person. The air, the smells, the environment around me lifts me up and i hold on to it till the very end. So yeah the tree is not coming down till after the 6th of January..we Puerto Ricans celebrate 3kings day..another Christmas for us:) And then i sadly will put away all my decorations. Praying and hoping i was in the moment and reflecting on how blessed we all were to spend Christmas together. 
In the meantime its time for Christmas photo dump:))

Violets gifts were small and sweet
Elijah our coin collector
Hubby with his new book from the kids:)

Mind Flex...need i say more:}

My little helpers!

Her most favorite gifts her crown and Kanani  her American girl doll:)

Now we all have one!

My new laptop case:)

the star wars battle begins!
 Now its Christmas at the other Bluhms house
Papa tim with his princess's

Violet and her cousin Judah

all the grand kids with gram&papa

Then Christmas at the Figueroas House
Jonah as always holding Violet..Jasmine is so funny here she kept asking about presents all night!

Papa loving on Violet

Abuela & Violet close up:)

Games Games Games :) 
The opening of presents BEGINS NOW!

Moms bracelet made by ME:)
Lovely Violet

Opening her sisters presents and loving it


Focus people! :))

A wonderful Christmas full of Gods bountiful love and blessings:)
Praying you all had the same!!

With much love, this girls journey

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