Friday, December 2, 2011


I rarely enjoy you
i would rather play,read,create,watch old movies,go out shopping:)0 
Well Anything but face the music!
Laundry is calling my name this weekend but…i am exhausted from doing the same thing daily
Dishes-feed the familia-dishes again-laundry-clean bathroom(gross)-clean bedrooms;( and the list goes on..
LoVe means that although i am exhausted, i will still serve.
Love takes action.
Caring for my family is rewarding even though sometimes i feel well not so rewarded right now;) In the day-by-day, mundane circumstances in life God shows me how to show love by my actions. Praying for the bearing of much fruit from all my hard work and for me to praise him through it all!:)
 with much love, this girls journey

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