Thursday, December 29, 2011

Music Review

Adele is amazing!!!
 If you have not heard her music lately which rock have you been hiding under??:)
Go get her Cd!! 
I've been listening to her everyday lately
her genius lyrics to Someone Like You just blows me away! One of my Favorites
My sweet hubby gave me a 2disc set of Adele singing at the Royal Albert Hall
Wonderful to listen too. Her voice just draws you in and you just can't help but be touched by her soulful voice.

Absolutely love her eyes she's a beauty!! Great job Makeup Artist:)

I like what my hubby said about her in his words he described Adele.."when i hear songs throughout my day they just blur by but when she sings i take notice I hear her". 
Right now she is so young and at the beginning of her career really
I can twit to see her mature and grow into so much more
I pray that she won't fall into the trappings that so many young talented singers like her do
It breaks my heart to hear of the tragedies that befall on the young talented singers today...
 So yeah we have fallen in love with this Blondie,sassy English singer for sure.
I pray for her and think of her as my new BFF:)) I wish her well and many more yours of success!
Keep in mind if you do buy her live disc like i have she does have a bit of a potty mouth..sorry it was a let down:( And yes i say potty mouth i am Mother:)
Although the CD was fabulous! No swearing just great singing

  Happy Thursday everyone!!
with much love, this girls journey

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