Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Blindsided is by definition=
1.attack from blind side: to attack somebody suddenly and physically by hitting the person on a side where his or her peripheral vision is obstructed
2.attack when vulnerable: to take somebody unawares suddenly, with detrimental results to that person

Bear with me please..
but have you ever felt this way?? Blindsided by revelations&emotions that seem to come out of nowhere but you know deep down that its been there all along. You just have either ignored it or have been blind to it somehow.
i know there is no way i am the only person who has felt this way 
but in the mist of it all you feel..alone. 
It can also feel painful, uncomfortable, refreshing, enlighten.That just to name a few of the emotions going through me..
I think i have thought my amor was pretty strong to withstand most attacks and then it happens and i am blown away at how much it shakes my heart&spirit These last few days have been good&bad for me..
Good in that i know what God is doing is opening my eyes to some things that have been hiding & not dealing with..
Bad in that its painful to see and deal with Around this time of year i hear and read the words detox and resolutions a lot! Sometimes they stick but most times they fade away from our memories and we are right back at are usual state…i wonder why? Declarations are nice to hear and everyone jumps on the band wagon together. It always makes me wonder if people have any thoughts or ideas of their own.
I am not going to declare nor am i going to make my list for you to follow and be impressed by...
Just pray and write your own list Ask him to show you personally what can be removed from your lifethat holds you back from being YOU
    Don't hide behind Facebook,twitter etc..just go to a few friends
      you TRUST! And pray for each other, be accountable that way.
        I know i am going to need Gods help through this big time!:)
          I am going to be giving up some things that are going to be tough to let go of but necessary for my heart&soul. Its going to bring me into a different place in my journey.
            Praying without ceasing, Hoping for the things unseen, now sprinkle in some action
              Thats a recipe i am writing in my journal today and the one thing i pray you take with you to start this New Year with a bang!!

                  with much love, this girls journey

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