Friday, December 9, 2011

ok so really quick i have to post
maybe sometime tonight:)
This beautiful woman here is in labor

she was the most beautiful bride EVER! 

She is brave 
she is strong
she has been a sister to me for many 
I love her!
We are so much alike yet
completely opposite in so many ways!
For one if brook has to go shopping i know i am in for a hour decision debate on which coffee to choose..
she is all about the details 
i am not
her handwriting is Amazing!
well mine is..lets not go there:)

she avoids confrontation 
i run straight into it
she is cute and goofy when she's 
i am just plain cranky 
I have spent many nights talking,crying,laughing
with this beautiful woman
And today or 2morrow she will be a MOM
the most amazing role she will play 
in this adventure called LIFE.
i feel blessed to be apart of what God is doing in her&her husband Joel's life…
2morrow my family of 6 now,
 will all pile into our van and head out to meet this brand new baby 
AND Celebrate a new life!!
Can not wait to hold my nephew:)..
can you tell

with mucho amor, this girls journey

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  1. YAYYYYYY! Take lots of pictures of the little man! We are soooooo blessed with such a beautiful family. God has been good to us!!! Love you, Christy! :)