Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stop TIME:)

Baby Violet (or Vi as jasmine calls her now) is teething. No other thing can explain her constant chomping on her hands and the buckets of drool that come out of the pretty little mouth.
My plans for anything are on hold for the moment.
I had starting working on some hair pieces and Vi would not let me.No worries ill get back to it later. I have to be Present and enjoy this time i have with this little girl and they still little only for a short time...
She wants to be held&played with. How can i deny her:)And she doesn't just want to sit either,she wants to be standing on my lap to be pleased! 
So here she sits on my lap making loud screaming noises at my Mac, i am attempting to blog while she's
drooling all over me and herself. So much Cuteness!

that little nose& those eyes!

Mama is going to fold laundry and she sits right next to me:)

I still can't believe she's going on 4months now and she changes every day. I want to make time stop right here..

with much love, this girls journey

1 comment:

  1. SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love her!

    And you!