Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Praises!!

Joy came and its amazing what a little sunshine can give

A walk did this heart so much GOOD!

 A sunny day can bring so much joy
can you see it..here :)
Photos by Jonah:))

Spring?? Feels like its coming soon

We felt restored




Praising his name!!

Violet Joy Bluhm is 5 months TODAY!!
We will make cake
We will celebrate her life and the Joy she has brought to our

Happy Tuesday Lovelies!

with much love, this girls journey

Monday, January 30, 2012

Jonah "bear"

Let Go Let God
Do what you can
My weekend was something like this. 
Some of you may know that our little Jonah is sick. He is as sweet and cuddly as a 
teddy bear. He is everyones Jonah bear. Our Jonah is ten now but he is still that little boy with a passionate spirit and childlikeness that I pray he never looses.
Children love him. And he has the biggest heart for children. 
He gets them. He gets right down to their level and talks and plays their games. 
Any sunday at church you will see one or more of the little ones running after him. They just love him so much! Our Jonah bear has the biggest heart. He fights for justice.
I believe he has a heart like David (from the bible:) He has so much passion. He has a sweet sensitive heart for God. And he will always defend the hurting and helpless. 

This Saturday Jonah's stomach was hurting. 
I had thought it was maybe the flu.
 It would come and go. But by Sunday morning 
it hurt so bad he could not move. I was so scared. Jonah is 
not my dramatic one. If he's hurt he only complains or says it when its 
gotten really bad. So I knew he had to be in a lot of pain to be crying out 
"why is this happening to me?" *tears* 
At a lost for words. As a mama
you never want your children to hurt. 
Our hearts break when we have tried everything and yet its still not enough. 
We went twice to the emergency room to have test done and still he passed
them all. No appendix problem here they said… and with everything that 
i was researching online at home it lead me to think that there was a high chance that it still was. I did not want to take any chances with him.
Our very nice Dr. said that it appears in the X-rays that
 Jonahs lymph nodes are very swollen which could make it seem as though its his appendix. 
But we have to wait and see really.
Oh the fear that it brought on! I felt paralyzed by it. 
So many questions going through my head. 
Finally last night we were told to bring him home and if he worsens we should bring him in again for more TEST..ughh
So our sweet Jonah bear needs to rest have lots of fluids and keep them down. And this mama needs to keep praying! i have to trust God with my son. I have to trust that its all in his hands. Way easier said then done!

As all this has been happening i kept thinking of parents with sick kids.
I mean the ones that are a constant visitors to emergency rooms and long hospital stays because their babies are sick. 
I realize how blessed i've been.
My children have hardly ever been sick.
 I have not had to watch my babies have horrible surgeries or 
diseases that rob them of their childhood. 
Emergency room visits can put things into a whole new perspective.
Hold your babies tight thank god for their health.
Praying and believing for healing for our sweet Jonah bear:)
And if you've been praying with me, many thanks and God bless you lovelies!!

P.S I also got to hold this little man my nephew Judah this weekend

Proud Auntie:))))

With much love, this girls journey

Friday, January 27, 2012

I heart weekends!...

I love the weekends!!!!!!!!
I look forward to time spent sleeping in…...well 
I don't actually get to sleep in much.
 But at least I'm not rushing the kids all morning for school.
And that to this mama is such a relief:)
This weekend we have a ladies tea. My mother-in-law
Monica is speaking! And I can't wait!!
*Tears* I will have extra tissues in my diaper bag:)
I'm really looking
forward to time spent doing this..

And if I wake up early enough 
I'll have some time spent making these goodies
for my Etsy shop 
you can check it out here:) Jasmineandviolets

The weekend brings Family night!
 Which usually involves kids sleeping in the living room.
Popcorn and candies every where. 
A couple of movies. And Mario cart. 
Not necessarily in that order.
My sis Brook will be here with my sweet nephew Judah ahhh!!!

Then there's our DATE night! 
And we really look forward to that time too:)
 There's Sunday church. Lazy afternoon naps. Downton Abbey at night:)))
Yes weekends are glorious. 
They are needed. 
And very welcomed.
Praying that all you lovelies have a blessed weekend too!!
See you Monday:)

With much love, this girls journey

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Around this time last year I was very newly pregnant.
And SICK!!
I think all I did last winter was sleep until spring. 
I was like the polar bears you see on the discovery channel. 
They sleep and try to keep their body weight and stay healthy till their babies are born.
The fight to stay alive till winter passes.
Yes I know that sounds dramatic. And no I did not think I was going to die.
But it seriously felt as though it was going to last forever!!
My house was falling apart around me. My husband had just started his new job that fall and he was so busy. We had just moved into a cute house in the country a month before. And I couldn't really enjoy any of it…  
I felt alone. I was tired. I was sick. 
 I was so not emotionally available to my husband or kids during that time. 
And I spent many afternoons crying myself to sleep in guilt.
See this morning I was remembering.. 
I was reading my old journal entries from this time last year.
Do you do that?? I always have. A lot of times they make me laugh or cry.
I love looking back. Remembering is good. It can also be painful.
It was a hard & wonderful season in my life. 
And reading about it is one way I know for sure that what God has brought me through is real and wonderful.

My little Violet is now sitting up. She sits next to me growling..yes 
growling like a lion. She is eating baby food now! 
She will be 5months this next week:)
"She's worth it all" said my sweet husband late last night. 
And I have to say I couldn't agree more!!
That little nose..those eyes..*tears*

I'm so blessed. Thank you god for believing in me. For giving me the only strength that I can rely on. And reminding me today that you have and will continue to bring me through even the darkest of hours in my life..i rest in you:)

Happy Thursday lovelies! Praying for you!! 
Remember whatever season your in…..is just that a season. 
This to shall pass and you can overcome anything through your heavenly father who loves you more than anyone or anything:)

with much love, this girls journey

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tag I'm it!

I was Tagged!! 
Yippie:) i haven't been tagged since i was… well… lets just say awhile ago:)

But this kind of tag won't result in me wiping out and making a fool of myself thank God!
Nope this kind of tag requires only of me to answer some fun questions about myself.
Well that's easy.
And thanks to my sweet friend libby for tagging me!
 You can find her blog here at  Truly his
she has a amazing heart for the lord and her journey as a newlywed and adventures are so much fun to read so check her out!

So here's how its done folks...

1. Post these rules
2. Post 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the questions set for you in their post
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
5. Go to their blog and tell them they are "tagged"
6. Tag 11 people( or as many as you can think off:)

11 Randoms
1. I love the rain, thunderstorms, crazy weather I crave them
2. I have journal's everywhere some date back to 4th grade
3. I'm very sentimental I keep almost every card and notes people give me so I can read again 
 4. I love to be hugged and give them too I'm also tempted to give you a kiss(not on the lips of course) but as a greeting don't be weirded out its just a culture thing:)
5. I'm a dancer.Rephrase I love to DANCE. You will almost always catch me dancing around my house to music. Sometimes I look cool.And sometimes maybe not...that's were Elijah gets it:)
6. I'm a introvert extrovert. I will not explain..look it up
7. I love God with my whole heart. I'm not religious one bit
8. I have watched the movie Pride&Prejudice so much & still I'm not sick of it
9. I dream of backpacking through Europe with my husband:)
10. I like my kitchen to be clean before I eat
11. I like to be surrounded by plants in my house, they help me remember to breath.. in and out:)

Libby's Questions are:
1. What is your favorite book? (besides the Bible) Francine Rivers, Redeeming Love. I read it once a year. Gods love
story to us put in such a great fiction story. A must read if you haven't already read it!
2. Are you one of those werid unique people that puts ranch on everything?Nope:)
3. What is your greatest accomplishment? becoming a mom and growing into that role. The hardest thing I've ever done
4. If you could do anything in the world and be the best at it what would you be? 
A race car driver...Lol just kidding! This is hard because I have never wanted to just do one thing honestly...
But I will just pick Makeup Artist.  
5. What characteristic trait do you wished you had more of?
My son Elijah's Confidence:)
6. What is your favorite thing about yourself? (Come on... you know it)
My eyes and sensitive spirit
7. Do blondes or brunettes have more fun?
oh this is easy Brunettes for sure!!:)
8. Coffee or tea?
9. City girl or Country girl?
How can i not be both:)
10. What made you fall in love with your husband\fiance?
his love letters, his passionate heart, his pursuit of me:)
11. If you were to say your personality in one word, what word would it be?

OK so here are the people I've tagged


And My Questions are:
1. What makes you feel alive?
2. Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
3. I f your life was a song or book what would it be called?
4. What would be your last supper be if you had to choose?
5. Do you have a bucket list? If so whats the top two?
6. Whats your favorite thing to do to relax?
7. Whats your love language?
8. Favorite destination to visit?
9. Favorite season of the year?
10. If you won a million dollars whats the first thought or thing you would 
do with it?
11. If you knew it was your last day on earth how would you spend it?

OK lovelies it been fun playing tag! I hope your having a great day:)
 I'm still in my PJ's and its time for this girl to go!!!

with much love, this girls journey


Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I actually WON something!

Many thanks to Chelsea over at happy bow lucky for giving me this splendid award. She has the cutest blog ever and is one of the most genuine ladies I know. I am so blessed to know her and I'm extra lucky because she's also my cousin:) Check out her blog here happybowlucky

Well this award is called The Liebster Award not Lobster..heheheheee
I keep wanting to say Lobster so bad

Liebster is apparently German for loved and is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers.
Oh my goodness! OK OK So 1st I would like to thank my heavenly father God for blessing me with these fast typing fingers. So i can quickly squeeze in a blog post here and there. And for pouring your love and encouragement into me. So i can share and be real with my blogger lovely friends.
2nd I would like to thank my husband James who is definitely the writer in our family and one of the best EVER too! And when he encourages me and says sweet words like "honey i read your blog today and i really liked it." It means the world to me! Its the best compliment ever when it comes from him:)
And last but not least so many thanks to my children! Who now consistently ask "Now mom your not going to blog about this…RIGHT!" Gotta love them!
So yes I'm cheesy I know!
And I'm pretty sure I can get a whole lot cheesier so I'll stop there:)

The rules are for receiving and giving this AWARD goes like this:

                       #1. show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
#2. award the award to five of your favorite bloggers with less than 200 followers & link them.
#3. post the award on your blog.
#4. bask in the love from the most supportive people on the Internet - other bloggers of course!
#5. and best of all - have fun & spread the LOVE.

Not easy to pick just 5 especially trying to find ones that have not already been given the award already!!
But here goes a few of the blogs I love to read and stalk...no seriously I stalk!

My 5 picks are
(remember under 200 followers)
…drumroll please!

Jessica from One Sweet Life 
Rachel from To Far to look back
Ashley from 5ohwifey 
Kris from Vie a la table
Todd from Conversations on the journey
 So feel free to check their blogs out. Follow them or leave them some love:)

Happy Tuesday lovelies!!
with much love, this girls journey

Monday, January 23, 2012

IcE ICE baby:))

Enjoying the simple things this ICED SNOWED IN MONDAY!!
AGAIN the heavens opened up and icing on our roads have gifted 
these little bluhms with a lazy sweet Monday
Chores were done 1st thing so we could relax and truly enjoy the rest of our day..

painting with my jaz:)

Ebay surfing with the boys ended with a fantastic purchase of light saber swords to add to their collection
they are so pleased!

Excuse the Nasty orange carpet PLEASSEEE!! We rent at the moment:) 

jasmine loves feeding Violet..can you tell violet loves her:)
Naps with Mama filled my little beauties love cup:)

My afternoon was filled with turning off the tweets, ignoring the phone and trying to stay away from the computer..being present and enjoying the kids

My little lesson for the day was so wonderful
It started with this awesome verse..
"And while He was in Bethany….a woman cam with a alabaster jar of ointment (perfume) of pure nard, very costly and precious; and she broke the jar and poured the perfume over his head."-mark 14:3

This beautiful little story about this woman who we never really know anything more about her except that she came to Jesus feet and blessed him. 
Yep just like that she comes in and has the 
audacity to break a alabaster jar which by the was is very expensive perfume
and poured it over his head to bless him. She was showing her love for him was great! He was worth more then anything to her. It was a grand gesture.
When she does this keep in mind the whispers around the room from the oh so 
HOLY people i would imagine. I wonder 
now what she must have felt. Was she scared? Was her thoughts like I have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Jesus is here I want to bless him.
 But the people around her she must have heard their mean words their righteous stabs at her.
 Because the first words of complaint to Jesus 
goes something like this.."what was the use wasting the perfume? It could have been sold for more than $300 and given to the poor!"And they criticized her harshly. 
Very religious, very righteous of them..NOPE NOT TO JESUS:)!
Jesus was mad he scolded them.
Now I'm not making this story up. Its all there in the bible. Check IT!
Jesus says
"LEAVE HER ALONE! Why are you bothering her?She has done a fine and beautiful thing for me. You will always have poor people with you, and any time you want too,you can help them. But you will not always have me. 
She did what she could;she poured perfume on my body to prepare it ahead of time for burial. Now, I assure you that wherever the gospel is preached all over the world, what she has done will be told in memory of her." 

Wow *TEARS*  This affected me so much today..
now this Jesus 
I want to know him more! 
The Beautiful Outlaw that he was and is has captured my heart all over again!

Happy Monday Lovelies!
with much love, this girls journey

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Beauty Review!

So here I sit waiting for my NEW favorite show to start!
The boys have done their chores & getting read for bed
Little Jaz is taking her bath & praise the lord sweet Vi has fallen asleep 
this mama is hoping she sleeps at least an hour:)

So what a great opportunity for me to share some beauty product reviews!
yes why not 
And here's a few for you lovely ladies

When winter comes my skin is the first to tell me "HELLO" change your beauty  routine!!
This first thing i add is a Vitamin C serum and I use it under my moisturizer 
or sunscreen everyday.
It helps my skin to stay hydrated through out the day and adds a extra bearer of protection to it too.
You can choose any Vitamin C serum you like that has great ingredients.
The one I use is called, Lumene Vit C+Energy Cocktail Intensive Care- this one is formulated with A< B< C and E to revitalize skin and prevent fine lines from forming.

This product last a long time since you only use a small amount.
keep all products like this in a cool place like maybe your bedroom so the quality of it stays good. The product price was 15.99 for me i used a coupon too. 
I got mine at our local Walgreens store who always has great sales
but you can also find it at CVS too.

Second product that i have fallen in love with is this one
I mean it this product has done wonderful things to my hair.
i have gone longer between cuts and my hair feels healthy and strong.

I use a small amount and spread it on my ends first and then lightly spread it over my hair.
It products my hair from any kind of heat damage and its oh so nourishing.
It last FOREVER!
I have had this product for months already and this one I bought at Walmart
for only $6 which is a steal for Moroccan oil for sure:)

Well Lovelies I hope you've had a beautiful weekend 
and can get some use of my few product reviews!!

Now I'm off to watch Downton Abbey and eat all my favorite snacks
with much love, this girls journey