Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I actually WON something!

Many thanks to Chelsea over at happy bow lucky for giving me this splendid award. She has the cutest blog ever and is one of the most genuine ladies I know. I am so blessed to know her and I'm extra lucky because she's also my cousin:) Check out her blog here happybowlucky

Well this award is called The Liebster Award not Lobster..heheheheee
I keep wanting to say Lobster so bad

Liebster is apparently German for loved and is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers.
Oh my goodness! OK OK So 1st I would like to thank my heavenly father God for blessing me with these fast typing fingers. So i can quickly squeeze in a blog post here and there. And for pouring your love and encouragement into me. So i can share and be real with my blogger lovely friends.
2nd I would like to thank my husband James who is definitely the writer in our family and one of the best EVER too! And when he encourages me and says sweet words like "honey i read your blog today and i really liked it." It means the world to me! Its the best compliment ever when it comes from him:)
And last but not least so many thanks to my children! Who now consistently ask "Now mom your not going to blog about this…RIGHT!" Gotta love them!
So yes I'm cheesy I know!
And I'm pretty sure I can get a whole lot cheesier so I'll stop there:)

The rules are for receiving and giving this AWARD goes like this:

                       #1. show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
#2. award the award to five of your favorite bloggers with less than 200 followers & link them.
#3. post the award on your blog.
#4. bask in the love from the most supportive people on the Internet - other bloggers of course!
#5. and best of all - have fun & spread the LOVE.

Not easy to pick just 5 especially trying to find ones that have not already been given the award already!!
But here goes a few of the blogs I love to read and stalk...no seriously I stalk!

My 5 picks are
(remember under 200 followers)
…drumroll please!

Jessica from One Sweet Life 
Rachel from To Far to look back
Ashley from 5ohwifey 
Kris from Vie a la table
Todd from Conversations on the journey
 So feel free to check their blogs out. Follow them or leave them some love:)

Happy Tuesday lovelies!!
with much love, this girls journey


  1. yay CONGRATS!!!!


    your newest follower :)

    follow me back? XOXO

  2. YAY!! I made your list! Thank you!! Hope all is well with you and the fam. We miss and love you all! :)

  3. Awwww. You are so sweet to say those things about me. I love you, dear cousin! :) You deserve the greatest! XOXO!

  4. Can't believe I wasn't following you before!!!!!!! I love your blog! SO beautiful!!! Just like you!