Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beauty Review!

Beauty Review!!
Yep so i promised you a beauty review and here it is.
I love to try new things. And i will never share about a product that i have not first tried or love myself! 
Unfortunately for me i have sensitive skin
so very few things work for my skin. So I'm very picky. 
Which is why when i fall in love with a product i have to share!
My new cleanser for the winter

This cleanser is gentle on my skin and removes all my makeup.
My skin seriously felt so smooth and clean. With so many great ingredients in it too. 
I was impressed!
No harsh chemicals,sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, dyes, phthalates..
Geezz that's a lot of chemicals that I know I can do without. As a Esthetician that is one of the first things I learned. The longer list of chemicals that you can't even say let alone spell! Then
Its a good clue that the product will do more harm than good.
Neutrogena Naturals fresh cleanser is my new Favorite item of the month!!
Hope this helps anyone in the look for a new cleanser for winter.
Just a reminder! Its winter so op for a cream cleanser no matter what your skin type is.

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!!

with much love, this girls journey


  1. gentle on the skin AND removes make up?! sounds like a great two-for-one deal to me! (:

    i'm a following!

  2. loving your blog! just popped over from captivated by grace and you are too cute! i'm your newest follower ; ) xo

  3. I too found you from Erin's blog and glad I did!!

  4. adding this to my list to buy next month!!