Sunday, January 22, 2012

Beauty Review!

So here I sit waiting for my NEW favorite show to start!
The boys have done their chores & getting read for bed
Little Jaz is taking her bath & praise the lord sweet Vi has fallen asleep 
this mama is hoping she sleeps at least an hour:)

So what a great opportunity for me to share some beauty product reviews!
yes why not 
And here's a few for you lovely ladies

When winter comes my skin is the first to tell me "HELLO" change your beauty  routine!!
This first thing i add is a Vitamin C serum and I use it under my moisturizer 
or sunscreen everyday.
It helps my skin to stay hydrated through out the day and adds a extra bearer of protection to it too.
You can choose any Vitamin C serum you like that has great ingredients.
The one I use is called, Lumene Vit C+Energy Cocktail Intensive Care- this one is formulated with A< B< C and E to revitalize skin and prevent fine lines from forming.

This product last a long time since you only use a small amount.
keep all products like this in a cool place like maybe your bedroom so the quality of it stays good. The product price was 15.99 for me i used a coupon too. 
I got mine at our local Walgreens store who always has great sales
but you can also find it at CVS too.

Second product that i have fallen in love with is this one
I mean it this product has done wonderful things to my hair.
i have gone longer between cuts and my hair feels healthy and strong.

I use a small amount and spread it on my ends first and then lightly spread it over my hair.
It products my hair from any kind of heat damage and its oh so nourishing.
It last FOREVER!
I have had this product for months already and this one I bought at Walmart
for only $6 which is a steal for Moroccan oil for sure:)

Well Lovelies I hope you've had a beautiful weekend 
and can get some use of my few product reviews!!

Now I'm off to watch Downton Abbey and eat all my favorite snacks
with much love, this girls journey


  1. Christy!!! Love this!! Def getting the Moroccan oil for my hair!!!

  2. I want to try that oil for my hair!