Friday, January 27, 2012

I heart weekends!...

I love the weekends!!!!!!!!
I look forward to time spent sleeping in…...well 
I don't actually get to sleep in much.
 But at least I'm not rushing the kids all morning for school.
And that to this mama is such a relief:)
This weekend we have a ladies tea. My mother-in-law
Monica is speaking! And I can't wait!!
*Tears* I will have extra tissues in my diaper bag:)
I'm really looking
forward to time spent doing this..

And if I wake up early enough 
I'll have some time spent making these goodies
for my Etsy shop 
you can check it out here:) Jasmineandviolets

The weekend brings Family night!
 Which usually involves kids sleeping in the living room.
Popcorn and candies every where. 
A couple of movies. And Mario cart. 
Not necessarily in that order.
My sis Brook will be here with my sweet nephew Judah ahhh!!!

Then there's our DATE night! 
And we really look forward to that time too:)
 There's Sunday church. Lazy afternoon naps. Downton Abbey at night:)))
Yes weekends are glorious. 
They are needed. 
And very welcomed.
Praying that all you lovelies have a blessed weekend too!!
See you Monday:)

With much love, this girls journey