Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Iowa SPring:))

Today Iowa had one of the most beautiful winter days i have ever seen yet
It was a perfect day out!
The kids and I took our weekly trip to the library to stock up on new books
Jasmine just received her 1st library card and she feels so big and special to use it:)
My children were taught to love the library. Start them young and they will love knowing and learning things on there own too. We are so blessed in this nation to have libraries full of so much knowledge. Your kids learn to discover something new just by checking out a book and read it with or without you. The kids actually complain when we miss our weekly trip to the library. Thanks to my mom!! I learned this wonderful habit. She always had me in every reading program and took me to the library consistently. She encouraged me to read even when i was discouraged in my reading abilities. So yeah thanks to all those mothers out there reading to their babies and taking them to the library to get their very own card. That's a big deal folks:))

I almost said spring many times today when talking with the kids…
What a winter we Iowans are having?? I'm not complaining one bit!
The night was just as beautiful 
Pictures are priceless..My daughter Jasmine loves sunsets
my husband James and her call each other just to talk and share about a sunset. Its there thing. Its so precious.
We had to stop on our way home and take some pictures

Enjoying the early spring here in Iowa for sure

Happy Tuesday Lovelies!
with much love, this girls journey


  1. I love it. SO MUCH! :) It's beautiful! LOVE YOU SO MUCH TOO!

  2. OH yay! I love that you instill a love for books into your sweet little ones! :)