Monday, January 30, 2012

Jonah "bear"

Let Go Let God
Do what you can
My weekend was something like this. 
Some of you may know that our little Jonah is sick. He is as sweet and cuddly as a 
teddy bear. He is everyones Jonah bear. Our Jonah is ten now but he is still that little boy with a passionate spirit and childlikeness that I pray he never looses.
Children love him. And he has the biggest heart for children. 
He gets them. He gets right down to their level and talks and plays their games. 
Any sunday at church you will see one or more of the little ones running after him. They just love him so much! Our Jonah bear has the biggest heart. He fights for justice.
I believe he has a heart like David (from the bible:) He has so much passion. He has a sweet sensitive heart for God. And he will always defend the hurting and helpless. 

This Saturday Jonah's stomach was hurting. 
I had thought it was maybe the flu.
 It would come and go. But by Sunday morning 
it hurt so bad he could not move. I was so scared. Jonah is 
not my dramatic one. If he's hurt he only complains or says it when its 
gotten really bad. So I knew he had to be in a lot of pain to be crying out 
"why is this happening to me?" *tears* 
At a lost for words. As a mama
you never want your children to hurt. 
Our hearts break when we have tried everything and yet its still not enough. 
We went twice to the emergency room to have test done and still he passed
them all. No appendix problem here they said… and with everything that 
i was researching online at home it lead me to think that there was a high chance that it still was. I did not want to take any chances with him.
Our very nice Dr. said that it appears in the X-rays that
 Jonahs lymph nodes are very swollen which could make it seem as though its his appendix. 
But we have to wait and see really.
Oh the fear that it brought on! I felt paralyzed by it. 
So many questions going through my head. 
Finally last night we were told to bring him home and if he worsens we should bring him in again for more TEST..ughh
So our sweet Jonah bear needs to rest have lots of fluids and keep them down. And this mama needs to keep praying! i have to trust God with my son. I have to trust that its all in his hands. Way easier said then done!

As all this has been happening i kept thinking of parents with sick kids.
I mean the ones that are a constant visitors to emergency rooms and long hospital stays because their babies are sick. 
I realize how blessed i've been.
My children have hardly ever been sick.
 I have not had to watch my babies have horrible surgeries or 
diseases that rob them of their childhood. 
Emergency room visits can put things into a whole new perspective.
Hold your babies tight thank god for their health.
Praying and believing for healing for our sweet Jonah bear:)
And if you've been praying with me, many thanks and God bless you lovelies!!

P.S I also got to hold this little man my nephew Judah this weekend

Proud Auntie:))))

With much love, this girls journey


  1. Praying for Jonah, Christy. So sorry about that!

  2. im soo sorry about jonah!! :(

    p.s. your gorgeous in those picturess!!

  3. Praying for Jonah!!!!!! :( No fun!!

  4. Praying for Jonah and your whole family :)