Monday, January 9, 2012

Just another Manic Monday..

If i could invent some sort of robot that could fold all my laundry for me i would not even care about the money i would make! Seriously I'd just be the happiest girl in the world to have my laundry folded for me daily!! Its such a simple thing but it would mean the world to this mommy of 4. Moving on..
Well this past weekend I went away for a whole Saturday with just baby Violet and we embarked on a journey with a handful of my girlfriends to a ladies retreat for the day. 
Spending a whole day with your girlfriends is good for the soul!
Let me tell you we had some great laughs. Stories were told. Insights were shared. All the good stuff that i had been looking forward too and God knew i needed.
The only downfall I'm afraid to say I did not bring my CAMERA!! 
Not one picture was taken of us all:(
Note to self i will not make that mistake next time..Promise:)

When I came home that night the house was CLEAN! Now please tell what Mama would not be ecstatic to come home to a clean house. And smelling so delicious like cinnamon and vanilla. My hubby just knew I would be pleased!
Extra points for my MAN:) 
I was so happy to be home.
I was even happier to see my little family all waiting for me so we 
could start are family night. Exhausted from a long day away all i really wanted to do was climb into bed. But i couldn't resist them and there sweet pleas to stay up just a little longer and hang out.

Photo Booth fun on the MAC..

Sunday we rested and it was GOOD:)
Hope your weekend was filled with lots of JOY!
with much love, this girls journey


  1. funny pics are good! :)Glad you had a nice day away!

  2. Loved being with you this past weekend. You are such a refreshment to my soul. :)

  3. I would love if there was a laundry robot but a husband who cleaned would be even better, what an amazing and loving treat!

  4. hahaha i absolutely love these pictures!! and your back ground music is wonderful!! :)