Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On the most uneventful beautiful sunny Wednesday (and still no snow folks:)  i dream of the perfect office room just for ME!
The house is clean the laundry is almost done…well close to that. And 
here i sit with my warm cup of green tea&honey 

My SWEET cup from my good pal Alissa:))
day dreaming of remodeling a room and making it Fantastic!! 
A craft/office/cozy little nook for me to read a delicious book aahhh i can just picture it too…
is my go to lately to find & be inspired for now &my future projects
here's a few of Pintrest dreams:

Great idea if all you have is a little closet space to work with. Just Fantastic!

That's my most FAVORITE one!! Yes i will DREAM:))
A great day to create if i say so myself.. 
go and knock yourself out and make something beautiful today!!
Happy Wednesday lovelies! 
We are half way to the weekend now cheers to that:)

with much love, this girls journey

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