Saturday, January 14, 2012

Relaxing, chilling, being present and loving on my family = JOY
Of course there is the oh so wonderful moments when daddy and mommy want to pull their hair out! yep we've had a few of those already but seriously 
we also have had those i can't believe how blessed we are to have you guys moments just as much!!

Praise report!! Our little jasmine is recovering well from her eye. Praise the lord i took her in just in time. The Dr. found a metal particle in her eye and it was forming RUST!! Scary! Praising the lord that she was protected from anything that could have damaged her eye worse. Thank you all for your prayers it means so much to me to have prayer warriors as local&blogging friends:)

Now I'm going to get back to the family:)) 
Just had to drop in and say HI lovelies and have a great weekend!

Oh and here's what i wore this weekend..:)
I loved the outfit!!! 

Awesome necklace&belt i found at RUE21 lots of sales there ladies

Notice two diff shoes...No worries i choose b4 leaving the hotel room:)

This mommy usually doesn't get out to dress up very often…….
well OK who em i kidding 
i dress up even to go to the grocery store!!!:))

P.S. Beauty product review when i get home EXCITING!:))

with much love, this girls journey


  1. I am so glad that Jasmine is doing well!! :) Praise God! You are literally so gorgeous and I love this outfit! Enjoy time with your family!

  2. I love Rue21!!! Half of my wardrobe is from there, the sales are amazing! I am so glad everything is okay with her eye, I have only one good eye and know how it is. I am s u p e r excited to be your newest follower!
    Biggest love,
    Victoria from Unlock Your World