Thursday, January 26, 2012


Around this time last year I was very newly pregnant.
And SICK!!
I think all I did last winter was sleep until spring. 
I was like the polar bears you see on the discovery channel. 
They sleep and try to keep their body weight and stay healthy till their babies are born.
The fight to stay alive till winter passes.
Yes I know that sounds dramatic. And no I did not think I was going to die.
But it seriously felt as though it was going to last forever!!
My house was falling apart around me. My husband had just started his new job that fall and he was so busy. We had just moved into a cute house in the country a month before. And I couldn't really enjoy any of it…  
I felt alone. I was tired. I was sick. 
 I was so not emotionally available to my husband or kids during that time. 
And I spent many afternoons crying myself to sleep in guilt.
See this morning I was remembering.. 
I was reading my old journal entries from this time last year.
Do you do that?? I always have. A lot of times they make me laugh or cry.
I love looking back. Remembering is good. It can also be painful.
It was a hard & wonderful season in my life. 
And reading about it is one way I know for sure that what God has brought me through is real and wonderful.

My little Violet is now sitting up. She sits next to me growling..yes 
growling like a lion. She is eating baby food now! 
She will be 5months this next week:)
"She's worth it all" said my sweet husband late last night. 
And I have to say I couldn't agree more!!
That little nose..those eyes..*tears*

I'm so blessed. Thank you god for believing in me. For giving me the only strength that I can rely on. And reminding me today that you have and will continue to bring me through even the darkest of hours in my life..i rest in you:)

Happy Thursday lovelies! Praying for you!! 
Remember whatever season your in… just that a season. 
This to shall pass and you can overcome anything through your heavenly father who loves you more than anyone or anything:)

with much love, this girls journey


  1. I LOVE looking back at "this time last year". So nice to see what can happen in a year. One of my favorite quotes is "A year from now, you'll wish you had started today." Makes you think, huh?

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  2. She's beautiful! I'm in that place right now. It seems like this all day sickness will never end... and those clothes will never get folded. Thank you for reminding me it does end. And with a miracle!