Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sleepy thursday:\

Late to bed and a early morning is not a winning combination
I need to recover big time! I think my dark circles had gotten even darker..if that's even possible:)

but so is the life of a mommy of 4. Sometimes i just have to roll with it. I have a teething 4month old who is now nursing through the night! 
Nothing says mommy needs to take a nap today like helping my 6yr old get dressed and putting her stockings on top of her shorts!! LOL 
And having to wake up to this in the morning is one sure way to wake me up!!
My children have at least 5 of these throughout the house. So if you are terrified of snakes be forewarned you might run into one of these in my home:)))

My devotions title today is Posses Your Soul
"By your steadfastness and patient endurance you shall win the true life of your soul" Like 21:19
Wow!! i want that..i need that in my life
Refusing to get upset when things don't go my way. Refusing to allow my mind,will,and emotions rule my spirit. And in my patience i will learn to posses my soul..Praise the Lord!! 
I have been reading Joyce Meyers devotional book in the morning and i love it. It's actually called "Ending your day right"..but a lot of times i read the same devotional in the morning just to remind myself of what i read the night before. Such a good read:)

 Speaking of a good read i started the HUNGER GAMES!!! I like it mucho mucho. I have to make myself put it down! Review most likely will be coming oh so very soon:)

Agenda for the day NAP maybe squeeze in a workout if i can!
Have a blessed Thursday lovelies!

with much love, this girls journey

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