Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Words have power 
They impact us and others 
You can't deny it when someone says something sweet to you 
your heart takes flight
you stand a little taller 
Your smile gets a little bigger 
In fact you yourself will open your mouth and give out more encouragement 
and sweeter words to others when you yourself feel loved.
Gossip is less. Judgement dissolves. Resentment fades. 
When we focus more on what matters when we weigh our words 
the former is less and less and is replaced with 
life-giving grace filled kind of words that melt our hearts and others
Lets focus on life giving words 
Lets be generous with encouragement
When you need encouragement do you look for it? 
Do you read the bible to feel refreshed?
Do you wait for it to come to you?
Don't!Don't just wait for it. Look for it. Read up. Renew your mind.
Ask God to show you how much he loves you. The reminder of his 
love for you can come in so many ways...if your open to it
Hey Pintrest has a well of abundant words to choose from some uplifting and some 
are so dang cute and funny! ENJOY...

Dear reader you are loved,treasured,beautiful 
and most important YOU MATTER and YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!!

Happy Wordy Wednesday!!
with much love, this girls journey

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Honey ruled the day...

Last night I did a face mask that i hadn't done in awhile
 but i absolutely love the feeling it gives my skin when i do.
I need to do more mask more often!!:)
Yes your face will be extremely shiny and sweet:)
So i wanted to share it with you guys:
The Honey Mask
Apply pure honey(straight from the bottle) 
to your face and neck. Allow it to set and dry(about 15minutes)
Rinse with warm water and that's it!:)
Enjoy lovelies Hope your having a great Tuesday so far!
Today I'm sick with a head cold and sound very much like Kermit the frog.
Every time I sneeze Violet giggles and i try to capture it on my camera but no such luck..
So my best friends today are honey,lemon,tea and this beautiful cup that i swiped from my hubby:)
Nothing works as good and taste as good as my lemon&honey tea. Yummy:)

with much love, this girls journey
P.S. Its Taco Tuesday..No dinner plan worries LOVE IT!! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Time for change...spring fever:)

Cleaned like a mad woman today!! bedroom that is. 
Spring is right around the corner(just ignore the oncoming storm report;)
and i have been itching to clean out all the rooms before summer comes. Getting
ride of all this excess of stuff, clothes, things we just don't need anymore. If your anything like me 
getting rid of things and cleaning house feels like a detox. The very best kind!!

So back to my bedroom. It was BAD!! Really BAD! it was starting to resemble a 
dysfunctional hobby lobby. My craft stuff was everywhere and i was starting to feel closed in by all our stuff/laundry that was way overdue in needing to be folded and put away.. geezz how i hate the laundry! ANYWAYS..
So i set the bar high today yep that hormonal type of high bar where 
I needed to pray for strength and I desperately needed inspiration!!
So i went to the loveliest most addicting place on the web these days. Can you guess where/??? 
I'm going to assume you said PINTREST:)
And it worked! Inspiration came and i was downloading room pics and pinning like 
a mad woman. 
Here are some lovely rooms that inspired me this morning:
i think this is so pretty!! the pillows the headboard EVERYTHING:)

So sweet and soothing..

Great chandelier and sweet decor tips!

Color scheme for our bedroom..

Just lovely..I'm thinking classic rose with gray:))

so the fun has begun friends or at least it will be lovely to enjoy when its finished!:)

P.S. laundry was tackled and put away Praise for progress!

happy Monday lovelies!!!
with much love, this girls journey

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Restful Sunday and The award goes too....:))

Sunday morning can bring all kinds of madness..
The rush to get kids dressed eat breakfast brush their teeth and in the car to go is liking running a marathon!..well I'm assuming so because although i have never ran one its got to be just as tough if not less so:)
Today there was no such rush..
Today my cramps got the best of me. 
Today since the kids were out of town with 
the gramps i had no such pressure from everyone to rush rush rush to church.
Sleeping is good. Rest was needed. Thank the lord for this day of REST!!
His gift to us and a very sweet present it is.. I LOVE SUNDAYS:)

Now that this show is over for me:(...until next season starts!
I have been reading more.LOL!
But tonight is The Academy Awards and I'm stoked!!!
Its like what the Super Bowl is for guys and i look forward to watching this all year
I even pretend I'm one of the voters and write my predictions ahead of time...
I know weird but its just so exciting for me:)
Looking at their faces when their names are called wondering what they must be feeling how nerve wrecking
it must be to want to win and still show the cameras that your also a good looser...
well at least have a good losing face:)
The many faces of the Academy Awards:
trying to think good thought about my opponents! 

yes its a honor to be in this category but i want to WIN PEOPLE!!
Please just say who won already!!..keep smiling....
OK so no one really makes this face when they loose...on camera anyway!
I WON I WON!! 1st I'd like to thank GOD.....yeah that's right JOY from the View
i thank God 1ST!! You'd probably just thank your dog sad lady:((
FYI..The award was made available by Elijah&Jonah:))

 Does anyone else think it would be a blast to get dressed up 
and go to one of these awards show?!! I DO:)

Well I hope you guys have enjoyed your weekend. 
Lets find joy in the simplest things today.
Lets treasure our time with family and friends.
Lets be present and enjoy this day of rest like nobodies business:)

P.S. I'm definitely voting for Viola & the French man who i can pronounce his name in that silent film
i still haven't see :0)
What are your votes?!!!
with much love, this girls journey

Friday, February 24, 2012

Shine Shine Shine

OK so all over the blog world I had been hearing about this Shine project...
So I had to check this out!
Its exciting. Its amazing. 
And its exactly what I've been praying about!! 
No mistake that yesterday of all days I run into this blog. 
Now I know what gods been showing me and why he wanted me to have a more open mind to finding a new purpose, a passion, a new way to give.
Definitely check out Ashley LeMieux's amazing mission and blog here: The Shine Project
Be apart of the Shine project!! 
Start your own way to Shine in your community. 
There's so many ways to be involved!

Here's the idea behind The Shine Project:"Pass it Forward"
from Ashley herself:)

Pass It Forward was designed to get people to do little things, everyday, that makes an impact on the community around them. Pass it Forward is designed around a card. Each card is given a unique ID number. Lets say we're at McDonalds, and I decide to pay for the person behind me in the drive through. I'd give the cashier the card, and tell them to pass it along to the next car when the give them the food that has been paid for. I then go home and log into the website that was on the card, and find my unique ID number. I log into it, and add my information... My first name, city, and a description of what I did....
If the person behind me was you, you would pass it forward to someone else, 
and then would go home and do the same thing.
From the very beginning, you will be able to track where your card goes, and how many people you affect just by doing one simple act of kindness.

Cards will be given with every purchase from the SHOP, or you can purchase a pack of 10 for very cheap from the shop as well. Portions of all proceeds go to the shine scholarship project, so you can feel good about your purchase.

I'm excited to see how many people we affect by doing this.
Imagine tracking your card, and over a period of time, seeing that 100 other people
had good things happen to them just because you did something simple.
On Fridays, I'll be sharing stories that were sent in to me about
how someone ended up with the card, or what a person did to pass it forward.
We're spreading The Shine Project as far as we can...
The more people it reaches, the more lives will be changed.
I am so grateful to have you on this journey.

If you would like to help spread this new project,
please share with your friends on facebook, twitter, pinterest...whatever.
We're changing the world, let's do it big.

So there you have it friends!! 
I couldn't be more excited to be apart of this and  
I will be blogging more about things like this in future. Sharing more of what god is doing beyond my little world.
I can not wait to see what happens next!!:)

Happy Fridays lovelies!!

with much love, this girls journey

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday thoughts..If you asked me:)

Today I'm borrowing an idea i got from Casey Weigands blog
whom I ADORE! 
If your not already following her check her out here: Caseys BLOG

Its called If you asked me..

If you asked me I would tell you watching Kelly Rippa on this mornings show air in Hawaii made me feel a tad bit depressed....

If you asked me I would tell you i crave adventure and travel daily.

If you asked me i would tell you learning to be content with where i am in this season in life is a constant struggle that i have to lay down at the foot of Christ.

If you asked me i would tell you my dream job would be Samantha Browns from the travel channel:)

If you asked me I would tell you I sometimes feel frustrated that i cannot devote more time to my Etsy shop and i desire to treat it more like a business rather then a hobby..
but its all exhausting when i try to push it..

If you asked me i would tell you God is replacing that need of mine to be understood and liked with confidence and trust in his love for me. I no longer feel that pull on my heart to always speak and explain myself and when I do I know how to pray about it now and call it by name:)

If you asked me I would tell you I'm praying about something big... and i need courage to plan and walk forward in it.

If you asked me I would tell you turning 30 this year is something I'm really looking forward too:) Remembering when this seemed so old!...I'm still alive PRAISE GOD!

If you asked me I would tell you I love to sing for the lord and have since I was a little girl... i stopped doing that along the way and I feel convicted of not using my gift..

If you asked me I would tell you learning there is a season for everything in my life is one of the freeing & best things I'm learning. I can't do it all! Being a great wife and mama is what matters most to me right now. I know now that this season of being a stay at home mama passes so fast. I have to treasure these days. Believe me I know!:) 
I only need to look at my 10 year old boys and my almost 7 year old daughter to see that it goes so fast. 
That soon enough i will have time to pursue other things god will have for me (us) and Violet will grow up so fast!.. Slow down baby there's no rush:)

Jasmines eyes were this blue too!! 

The most joyful child EVER!!..she is teaching me to be joyful every time she smiles;)

Happy Thursday lovelies!!
with much love, this girls journey

Link up below if you like:)))

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WIWW.. LOveS& More:)

To everything there is a season.
A time for every purpose under heaven...

Pictures can say or reveal a thousands things that you may not be able to express 
It has the power to take us back in time...ahhhahhh 

Sometimes tears of joy or sadness follow these moments of remembrance
but mostly its JOY...
My heart swells with so many emotions this afternoon as I look through our old photos(trying to organize and document our life is a ongoing process..anyone else feel this way??

And then there are some photos of childhood friends ones I miss and ones I've lost touch with... 

And the hairdos and styles I wore that I wish I could magical change..
But photos don't lie:)

A time for remembering was obviously in order today. It wasn't planned. 
But it did my heart so much good.
Thank you God for reminding me there is a time for everything in this life. And being present in this moment was food that my heart needed.
So good to remember and be thankful for the memories that can bless me through photos:)

Today Jaz and her BFF from homeschooling days rock it out:)
Singers and songwriters in the making!

Sweater dress short sleeve shirt- thrift store
Black sweater also thrift:)
Skinny jeans-Kohl's 7.99
Leg warmers-Kmart clearance 2.50
Floral flats-Love them! ??

Happy Wednesday lovelies!!
with much love, this girls journey

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Taco Tuesday;)

Shopping for Tuesdays supper makes me laugh.
We all know if its Tuesday its TACO TUESDAY:)

Our 7year old princess Jasmine decided this, since I don't even remember when...

So here I was shopping our local Hy-vee searching for some idea what to make tonight and then it hit me..:)
Its Tuesday duh!!! So just grab some shells, sour cream and salsa
and your set chicA!

Taking joy in the simple things today. 
Like watching Violet play with her grandpa Jose this morning was pure JOY. I'm so thankful to have my daddy still..
Thanking God and thinking that I'm in need of vocalizing my thankfulness more and more.

What are you most thankful for today? 
Are you finding JOY in the simple things?
Tell me:)

Here are some pictures of our Violet Joy sporting her new shoes from HaddyGrace Designs.

They are so soft and comfy on your little ones feet.
And these are the best shoes for high arched and small feet.
Violet has three other HaddyGrace shoes and they are the best fit!
We love them so much!!:)

See she loves her shoes!!

Ruthann is the creator/designer of this awesome shop. 
She's an amazing woman.
And she is my friend:)
 Packed with a load of talent she continues to inspire 
and amaze me with all she does!! She is a mama a 4 too!! 

Go check out her Etsy shop here: HaddyGracedesigns Shop
And her blog here: HaddyGracedesigns

You will love the beautiful things she makes for your precious kids!!

Happy Taco Tuesday Lovelies!!!
with much love, this girls journey

Monday, February 20, 2012


30 is coming!!!

This Mama needed

Something NEW!!

I have never had them! EVER!! 
Straightener's for a girl with heavy curls and frizz were not exactly a option back in the day. So explains why I never crossed that bridged to have BANGS:)
And a little uncomfortable

I had to coach myself into trying something new..HARD for me!!
I have had the same long hair in awhile and I was craving a change
I just didn't know how drastic a change to make..

I mean I will be 3o this year!!! And trying new things and making
some pretty awesome goals for my next 30yrs is exciting so why not a NEW DO....RIGHT:)

Oh boy!! I know i will be battling this for some days to come but God your just going to have to help me get over myself and HAIR!! LOL

I keep doing double takes in the mirror. Um who the heck are you?? 
It will take some time...

1 out of 4 kids like my hair…LOL Violet cannot vote:)
James loves it and well his opinion counts the most...right?;)

Violet might be the only one who likes my hair!!lol
Beyond the HAIR. Last night well late late last night I should say!
I finally finished "Downton Abbey"!
I cried so much during this last episode. Now I know what everyone was talking about!!!!

The bags under my eyes I carry today say was it worth it?? Oh yeah you bet it was!!

It was awesome, amazing, lovely, the kind of finish to a next exciting chapter that you can't wait to jump into type of Finale.

I cannot wait to start the next season.. REALLY can't wait!!:0)

P.S. I have some really cute pictures coming up with the cutest baby EVER (OK I'm bias:)
and her NEW shoes!!
....and did anyone notice the diaper sitting on my lamp in the pics..I just did!WOW!!

Happy Monday lovelies!
with much love, this girls journey

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fabulous Friday!!!! Yippee:)

Fabulous Friday finds me looking forward to this….

Yep we shall see how our adventurous date night plays out this time:)

Reading here HERE@kellehampton this morning shed some new and inspiring light to my parenting go and read it too:)

Don't get tweets:-?/

This just made me LAUGH!!:)
Convictions and that annoying beep sound every time there's a new tweet has been banned from my phone until further notice. It was becoming a distraction and annoying everyone around me:(
But no WORRIES!!!
I will still tweet&check twitter on the computer and tweet back, maybe hours after you have tweeted something clever and it has become irrelevant.…:)

Friday pictures of this special girl makes my heart swell.
We found her like this posing over her cheer bear:)

Her #1 frustration not getting every toy in her mouth!

Big girl
Its no Instagram photo dump(which I totally crave now!)
 but they still rock:)

Hope your having a great Friday and wishing you a even better weekend!!
with much love, this girls journey