Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dedicated 2 the 1 I LOVE:)

My Valentine:)

For warned this is mushy lovey dovey type blog post about
Hey its Valentines Day!!

Dear James,
I remember when we met I thought you had the biggest smile(perfect Colgate type of smile!)
I remember you were such a flirt you kept trying to catch my eye and trying to impress me with all your basketball skills…it did:)
I remember how the first time we talked in the phone it was so easy. We were friends right away.
I remember our first date..with my little brother in tow! I was 
17 you were 20:)
I remember when I asked you what your intentions were with me and you right away new what to say.

I remember warning you about if you wanted to date me you would have to talk with my mom&dad. And I kept thinking if he's the real deal he'll stay because mom can be SCARY and I knew she'd give him tough time&questions!

I remember listening with my brother on the top of the stairs to my mom and dad
grilling you. And you asking if you could court me..we were giggling the whole time.Lol! But afterwards i cried tears of joy because I knew then we would someday be married.

I remember how I would miss you so much i could not wait to hug you!!

I remember when you said 'i felt like home to you".

I remember walking down the isle to you and wanting to run into your arms.

I remember dreaming about having kids and then six months later we were pregnant with TWINS. The best thing that ever happened to us:)

I remember knowing you would be a great daddy someday.

I remember how hard and fast we had to grow up. 

This is what I know now..
I know that God has been writing our love story. That he's never wanted us to give up on US. 

I know that things spoken over us when we were first married made it really hard for us to have confidence in where we were going and in our marriage…but God used even that for good:)

And even though the world would tell us to quite when things got to hard I'm so happy we didn't listen!!!

I know that God always came through in every crisis in our marriage. 

I know that I'm more in love with you now then when I walked down the isle and became your Bride.

I know that God continues to pour out his love and wisdom into our life so we can grow as couple.

I know that you were always the man I was suppose to marry!

I know that learning how to really LOVE you has been the biggest and most rewarding thing.

I know that we still look forward to spending time alone and sharing our hearts to each other and I don't take that for granted!!!

I know that I'm blessed to have you!

I know that I want to grow old with you and 12years is not enough.

I know I can't wait to see where God has us in the next 12years:)

I know I don't just believe in You and ME, I believe in the heavenly father that has begun a great work in us and he's just not finished with us yet!!

I love you James Nicholas, my best friend, champion, lover..
you could have picked any girl in the world and you picked ME:)…

with much love, your girl


  1. I seriously just love you two!!! You've always been mine & Justin's inspiration since our ages/love stories are very similar - being that they started out so young! :) Know that you are very loved by Justin & I and we look up to you guys in more ways than you know. XOXOXOXO. <3

    1. Thank you chels!! we love and pray for you both many great things ahead for you guys:)

  2. Almost teared up! That is so adorable and beautiful! I am so glad that God gave you such a perfect partner and I wish you all the luck in the future with your husband your lovely family! :)

    Say x

  3. I really enjoyed reading this. I am several years younger, but this story reminded me of my love and I who are celebrating our first Valentine's day married (and our 4th together). I can' wait to look back in 12 (or more) years and be able to say the same things as you! I have seen God's hand mightly in our marriage so far and I know I will continue to see it mightily at work in the future. Thanks for the encouragement.
    Alesha <3