Friday, February 17, 2012

Fabulous Friday!!!! Yippee:)

Fabulous Friday finds me looking forward to this….

Yep we shall see how our adventurous date night plays out this time:)

Reading here HERE@kellehampton this morning shed some new and inspiring light to my parenting go and read it too:)

Don't get tweets:-?/

This just made me LAUGH!!:)
Convictions and that annoying beep sound every time there's a new tweet has been banned from my phone until further notice. It was becoming a distraction and annoying everyone around me:(
But no WORRIES!!!
I will still tweet&check twitter on the computer and tweet back, maybe hours after you have tweeted something clever and it has become irrelevant.…:)

Friday pictures of this special girl makes my heart swell.
We found her like this posing over her cheer bear:)

Her #1 frustration not getting every toy in her mouth!

Big girl
Its no Instagram photo dump(which I totally crave now!)
 but they still rock:)

Hope your having a great Friday and wishing you a even better weekend!!
with much love, this girls journey


  1. Haha! Christy! I totally took twitter off of my phone too! Like... IT IS GONE! I couldn't stand it. It's so much more relaxing just checking it every now & then on the computer! Have fun on your date night! LOVE YOU LOTS!

  2. GIRL! I can so relate about the tweet thing! ANother reason you need to get an iPhone. ;) the app!!! No texting tweeting...... or DING's. :) BOOM! :)

    I love you and thank you for being my friend. a healthy sweet kind and adorable friend!