Friday, February 3, 2012

If your happy give a FRIDAY SHOUT!

Hello there Lovelies!! 
Its FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!
Its been one of those weeks that just flies by 
and the to do list was high. My managing skills sucked all week!
 The need to focus and be more intentional with everything.
This has been weighing heavy on my heart. Not a bad thing. 
I know there's a good reason God has brought this to my attention. 
Now how to work it all out..Lord help me!! 
So the weekend could not get here fast enough!!!!

The weather here is gray and a magical mist has been 
covering us for days now. It says something like
"go back inside curl up with a book or
a old movie and just RELAX..

Yesterday I did just that for a few hours getting caught up with my reading.
Which explains why i was scrambling to get everyones laundry 
put away last night before bed..So worth it!
I finished the Hunger games series finally!! It was so exciting. Full of adventure and suspense. If I had the bad habit of biting my nails I would have none left!!! 
And let me tell you it made me want to hold my children&family tight. Thanking God that its
not our reality here at the moment anyway…
 Just read the book and you'll
know exactly what I mean:)

Another book I'm reading is one for my small group called
"Finding the hero in your husband". 

Its a great read wifeys!! Although the cover is the cheesiest one I've ever seen!
 It sort of reminded me of a harlequin novel..LOL! Just look past it k.
Learning how powerful of a role you play in your husbands life 
is one of the greatest things Ive learned and continue to do so:)

On Another note today I'm linking up with these girls here..
go check them out and Link up too:)
If you are unfamiliar with what a hop is, its where you link up your blog, FB, twitter, etc and hop around to the other links, say hi, and find blogs you might like! (As well as be found).
Kind of like one big blogger meet and greet :)

So If your New here let me introduce myself…

My Name is Aligna.
I'm a stay at home mama of 4 sweet kids!
Married to my best friend James for going on 12years now.
I began blogging as a way to journal, kind of document my life and connect with others. 
I have loved getting to know other bloggers. 
I'm inspired and blessed by so many of them. 
My prayers is to be most authentic self here and to bless
 and inspire my readers too:)

Happy Friday Lovelies!!
with much love, this girls journey 

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  1. I'll definitely have to check out that book! I've been meaning to read the Hunger games for months now too :) You have a beautiful family!